Enterprise Content Management Pricing

Your organization's ECM cost is as unique as your business. Here's how Hyland makes sure you get the most value from your investment in our technology.

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Understanding the value (and cost) of ECM

As your organization strives to do more with less, automating manual business processes and ensuring secure, easy access to information from anywhere is essential.

Having a complete view of all the content entering, exiting and being managed by your enterprise not only allows you to increase productivity, deliver excellent customer service and reduce risk across the enterprise, it’s become the only way to keep up with your competition.

But let’s face it – going paperless, mobile and automated is an investment. It’s an investment in technology, training, and change management. And trying to understand any investment you make in your organization’s efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction isn't always easy.

So if you’re searching for enterprise content management pricing information, you’re not alone.

Hyland platform and OnBase cost factors

At Hyland, we don’t publish our product pricing structures publicly.

That’s not because we’re trying to hide anything or keep you from facts that will inform your decision about which technology to choose.

In fact, it’s the opposite – we are so committed to honesty and partnership with our customers that we refuse to provide an estimate that could end up being wildly inaccurate.

We need to learn more about you before we can recommend how Hyland can best meet your business needs. 

To start, our product suite is so flexible and so scalable that no two organizations use it the exact same way.

Our low-code configuration platform means you can save money and development time and avoid departmental siloes by rapidly creating content-enabled solutions tailored perfectly for your organization.

But just how much you’ll end up saving depends on a variety of factors, like:

Choosing a technology vendor can be overwhelming. We get it. But Hyland is a true partner, dedicated to your success. From day one, you’ll work directly with our team of experts to discover what’s unique about your business and the problems you need to solve. As your business needs change, so will the scope of your solutions. 

Learn more about your unique ECM cost

In order to receive the most accurate information on how much your Hyland implementation will cost, and how it will be designed to deliver maximum value today and into the future, reach out! 

Our experts know how to ask the right questions to ensure you get the most value and best possible return on your investment. Let’s get started.