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2024 research: Content, automation and AI’s role in enhancing experiences and productivity

In “Transforming processes and experiences with content, automation, and AI,” Forrester Consulting and Hyland release research-driven insights about capitalizing on rising technologies alongside content.

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Why Hyland?

More than half of the Fortune 100 use Hyland solutions to maximize their content value and processes. Join those leaders and more in today’s era of intelligent content management.

Drive content intelligence

Smart, connected content delivered with native automation leads to better decision-making throughout the entire content lifecycle.

Stay agile

Empower your people to meet evolving expectations with Hyland’s future-adaptive, cloud-enabled technology.

Integrate across the enterprise

Hyland’s configurable, connectable and scalable solutions enable automation and help you optimize business systems and process workflows.

Work with an industry leader

Hyland is a recognized leader in content management, relying on a culture of innovation, longstanding partnerships and a deep understanding of our customers' industries.

Your industry, our experts

Only Hyland has the deep vertical expertise to build partnerships based on real-world understanding of your industry.

Healthcare solutions


Unite all the content you need from the core systems you use every day. Automate workflows, eliminate information silos and improve the member experience.

Clinical care

Give providers and patients a complete view of all relevant content by streamlining patient records, patient consent, enterprise imaging and patient portals.

Enterprise and diagnostic medical imaging

Frictionless system integrations, advanced AI and machine learning help modernize your imaging strategy and drive better, faster decision-making.

Back-office solutions

Reduce costs and enhance efficiency of critical behind-the-scenes teams by optimizing administration, information management, collaboration and security.

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Solutions for financial services organizations

Banking and credit unions

Meet audit and compliance requirements, speed fraud investigations with intelligent tech, modernize your lending process and meet customers where they are.


Enhance the personal experiences of your customers or members by digitizing and streamlining workflows, from communications to electronic signature.

Wealth management

Modernize your business and its processes with automation that embraces cloud-native and open-source technologies for better customer results.

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Insurance solutions

Claims management

Embrace a core system to centralize all claims information and simplify content management, from accessing to sharing and automating processes.


Streamline underwriting with intelligent case management, complete views of relevant content and smart workflows that drive fast, data-based decisions.

Policy administration

Provide the excellent service your customers expect with intelligent, automated communications and mobile-friendly online forms.

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Solutions for government

Secure electronic records management

Automate the records life cycle from capture to disposition. Hyland’s Alfresco solution is the only platform certified to the DOD 5015.02 Chapter 3 standard.

Meet global compliance standards

Stay compliant: Meet all your standards, including ISO 15489, ISO 16175, FOIA, U.S. DOD 5015.02 CH2 and CH3, EgovG, and MoReq.

Constituent services

Modernize your public-facing systems with technology and citizen portals for any department, including public assistance, licenses and permits, FOIA request management and more.

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Education solutions


Automate the capture and routing of applications for faster, more accurate decisions. Eliminate slow workflows by scanning paper upon receipt.

Financial aid

Send out financial aid packages faster by capturing key data from verification documents and automating the data into your SI or financial system.


Automate transcript capture and evaluation to speed up the consideration process, so your offers go out sooner and prospective students aren’t left wondering.

Student advising

Unite student information into one single source of truth, so the people who need to store and access data can do so quickly and easily.

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Media & entertainment solutions

Digital asset management

Leverage automated tagging and smart, centralized storage for rich media like images, video and documents.

Back-office solutions

Bring all your data together to use intelligent automation and customizable workflows in HR, accounting and finance, and legal departments.

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CPG & retail solutions


Automate your back-office processes, from HR to AP, and execute more quickly and with fewer errors than manual- or paper-based processes.

Product information unification

Connect data from procurement, accounting and warehouse management systems to accelerate downstream processes.


Meet your compliance goals with a secure, auditable content management system that ensures regulatory demands are enforced.

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Solutions for any industry

Industry-agnostic solutions

Hyland’s open-source and customizable solutions serve many industries. Whether listed here or not, our team can deliver effective and transformative solutions for any organization.

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Publishing
  • Transportation and logistics
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