Driving digital innovation in manufacturing

Hyland helps manufacturing organizations transform paper-based processes and use data to inform decisions.

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Transform your manufacturing operations

Hyland’s content services solutions automate processes and drive digital innovation. Learn how to improve workflows and get real-time performance insights.

Digital innovation

Capture and digitize content so you can reduce paper and manual processes, which speeds valuable information to stakeholders.

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Connect critical systems

Centralize and manage content in a single, secure and scalable repository that integrates systems.

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Improve process controls

Automate task assignments with electronic checklists and launch approval workflows for new and revised content.

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Drive performance insights

Leverage dashboards and reports for real-time visibility into process performance, status and workloads.

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Your guide to intelligent document processing

Intelligent document processing (IDP) can unlock hidden value from vast document libraries. Discover how IDP assists with sales order processing, packaging labels, rebates, refunds, compliance documents and much more.



Global powerhouse gains efficiencies with intelligent capture.

Fighting food-cost inflation with back-office automation

Achieving success and profitability in the food manufacturing industry has never been easy. The disruption to supply chains and the workforce throughout the pandemic made a challenging sector even more difficult.

Axxess International Inc.

Freight forwarder and customs broker sees rapid process advances with Hyland solutions.

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