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At Hyland, we make technology leadership seem effortless. But we didn’t get here by chance. Discover what we do, who we are and how we’ve evolved over 30+ years of innovation and persistence.

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What we do

Hyland solutions provide the technical infrastructure for organizations to transform siloed, disparate data points into unified, accessible, actionable content.

Through providing industry-leading software and services, we help our customers manage information across the enterprise, connect their content across core applications and streamline, automate and optimize their processes so they can concentrate on the work that matters most.


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Of ways to transform the way you work
Three co-workers confirm their decision to choose Hyland as their new content management partner.

Why choose Hyland?

Thousands of organizations around the globe choose Hyland to support their digital transformations and modernize the way they work.

Our modern, open and cloud-native platforms mean you can build strong connections, keep evolving and remain resilient and agile in an ever-changing world.

Who we are

Hyland’s core values, established by our executive team in 2003, are not just what we aspire to be — they’re at the core of who we are, every day.


We conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity and fairness.

Every relationship and interaction is rooted in honesty. We avoid conflicts of interest. We maintain our integrity when faced with fierce competition or disappointing news. Our decisions are fair and equitable for all parties involved.


Our employees are our family.

We care deeply for one another and help each other achieve maximum personal potential while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We maintain a respectful and inclusive environment and reject discrimination in all forms. We value the diversity of our global community and the different skills, experiences and perspectives that it brings.


Customers are our partners.

We succeed when, and only when, our customers succeed. In every relationship and engagement, we relentlessly pursue shared success through diligence, collaboration and teamwork. We honor our commitments, overcome hurdles and reject failure as an option.


We deliver innovative solutions.

Whether creating products, crafting solutions or advancing our own business, we are continuously evolving. We leverage our innovative spirit, expertise and creativity to make a meaningful difference and provide value to stakeholders across the Hyland community.


We bring passion to all we do.

Our passion is powerful. Driven by a shared purpose and vision, we work with remarkable energy, positivity, flexibility, resilience, selflessness and commitment. We are inspired by the opportunity to build something great.

#HylandLife: Our corporate culture

Hyland thrives on new ideas and diverse perspectives. We believe our people can accomplish anything. To help them get there, we provide the freedom to innovate, a license to be creative and leadership that supports and empowers each team member.

5 reasons we’re committed to building and inspiring careers in tech

For years our leadership team has worked to provide meaningful STEM programs and partnerships, first locally in Cleveland, and then to even more communities as we grew globally.

Q&A: Hyland’s customer success managers talk vision, hiring needs, industry insight and more

If you’re interested in starting a career in customer success, these folks have the insight and experience to launch you.

Tips from Hyland’s Pride Alliance: 4 ways to support LGBTQIA+ inclusivity

Every June, organizations across the United States put on and participate in celebrations that include Pride month parades, concerts, parties and other events. It’s a fun and important way to recognize the positive impact LGBTQIA+ individuals have on our global and corporate communities.


A composite image of Hyland-sponsored Valtteri Bottas, Formula One driver, and Xander Schauffele, pro golfer.


Hyland’s sports sponsorship roster features Xander Schauffele, a top-ranked golfer with several major international accomplishments; Valtteri Bottas, a Formula One driver with a stellar resume; and the up-and-coming Alfa Romeo F1 Team race team.

Together, we’re driving innovative solutions for better business performance.

“Hyland and my team, we’re very similar in the way we conduct business. Teamwork and collaboration are two key pillars that we both share, and for that reason, I feel like our partnership is one that makes plenty of sense.”

— Xander Schauffele, Pro golfer

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