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Connect with Hyland’s community of customers, partners and experts.

Three people engage in lighthearted discussion at a Hyland event.
A room full of TechQuest attendees sit together at Hyland headquarters and get up to speed on what’s new with their solutions.

OnBase training opportunities

November 13–17, 2023: TechQuest — Remote

Learn about OnBase updates and best practices in person over the summer, or join the OnBase user community remotely in November. Both sessions with expand your OnBase expertise and connect you with other talented users.

Young professionals meet to network and brainstorm in front of a large whiteboard.

Hy-Tech Club, camps and more

A place for today’s students to learn essential technology skills for the future

Hyland’s Hy-Tech outreach programs include camps, clubs, a tech innovation competition and even a hackathon. Students can explore what kind of tech intrigues them, whether it’s learning to code or putting those skills to work against real-world challenges.

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