Hyland Content Services Platform

Hyper-charge your application modernization

Ready to take customer experience, digital transformation, data security and compliance to the next level? Hyland’s content services platform enables you to meet modern business imperatives while empowering your people to work the way they work best.

  • User-centric

  • Connected

  • Intelligent

  • Low-code

  • Secure

  • Compliant

  • Cloud-based

  • Extensible

Hyland offers an intuitive and optimized user experience

Give your customers, end-users and administrators the benefit of modern, flexible, intuitive and optimized interfaces that help them get the job done, where and how they prefer.

Surfacing information to users in a useful and relevant manner is one of the most important goals of a content services strategy. An optimized user experience can help increase productivity, reduce errors and improve customer experience. The Hyland platform makes your content instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application.

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Hyland is connected to the way you work

Integrate with internal and external systems or embed Hyland capabilities into your own applications – we give you the tools to ensure your information gets to the people, systems and processes that need it.

Your users likely spend much of their time working in multiple applications, and your data needs to be able to follow them. By integrating with the systems and applications that are key to your organization, Hyland helps you streamline the flow of data and automate and standardize the tasks and activities related to it. Integrating your Hyland solution with your other applications can not only provide significant improvements in productivity but also reduce errors and improve data security and compliance.

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Hyland powers intelligent automation

Add automation, business logic and machine learning to transform processes, reduce errors, make more informed decisions and elevate user experience.

With intelligent automation (IA), organizations can better manage processes and data, anticipate the needs of users and customers, and give their employees the opportunity to focus on high-value tasks. By combining technologies like workflow automation, business logic, machine learning and analytics, Hyland gives you the tools to drive your digital transformation.

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Hyland enables low-code rapid application development

Configure a variety of business applications – including dynamic case management and process automation – that fill in the gaps between your line-of-business systems.

When your business demands a new technology solution, buying or coding are no longer the only options at your disposal. With Hyland, you have a low-code rapid application development (RAD) platform that minimizes the need for costly custom coding and multiple point solutions from different vendors.

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Hyland takes data security beyond a bolt-on feature

Use modern data security tools and controls to protect your and your customers’ data throughout its lifecycle.

In a world where the data your organization collects, processes and manages is increasingly at risk, you need a technology partner who takes data security as seriously as you do. Hyland not only provides robust security features in our solutions but also follows the secure development lifecycle methodology to ensure our software is designed with data security in mind from the very beginning.

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Hyland equips you to meet industry and regulatory requirements

Make it easier for your users to meet industry, privacy and security regulations, and give your administrators modern tools to manage audits and prove compliance.

In the increasingly complex regulatory environment, organizational compliance depends on the ongoing alignment of people, processes and technology. Hyland’s content services platform can help you achieve and maintain this alignment and enable your employees to focus on their jobs rather than worrying about compliance procedures.

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Hyland has been providing content services in the cloud since 2004

Take advantage of the Hyland Cloud as a safe, dependable SaaS platform that saves money, frees up time for your staff and removes the burden of in-house data maintenance and protected storage.

For many organizations today, the cloud is not a question of if or when, but rather of how. You likely already operate in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, and as your technology partner, Hyland understands the importance of finding the right fit into your existing technology ecosystem. We can provide a proven cloud platform to deliver the content services you need without asking you to sacrifice control or agility.

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A content services platform that grows with you

With our enterprise-grade platform, you can confidently expand capacity, scale performance or build your own solutions.

Your organization is not standing still, and your solution requirements and priorities are bound to evolve. This is why Hyland gives you the flexibility to configure, scale, embed and integrate our technology to ensure the right fit for your organization.

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