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Hyland’s end-to-end AP automation solution accelerates invoice cycle times, increases accuracy and reduces costs.

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Explore Hyland’s AP automation solutions

Collecting and tracking invoices. Complying with regulations. Analyzing trends. All are significant — and costly — challenges. Here’s how we can help.

Automate invoice processing

Intelligently capture invoices to reduce manual work. Use workflows to review and approve invoices across devices.

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Drive consistent controls

Ensure consistent record-keeping, enforce control over document revisions and provide audit trails of changes and comments.

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Access real-time KPIs and metrics

View up-to-date performance dashboards and generate reports to monitor production.

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Expedite vendor access

Provide vendors with on-demand digital services, including invoice details, with an integrated portal solution.

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Extend ERP capabilities

Integrate any ERP with best-in-class data capture, document management, workflows and reporting tools.

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How a content portal enhances invoice processing automation

An integrated content portal solution for accounts payable empowers vendors and suppliers to go beyond submitting invoices and related documents. Discover how a content portal increases access and collaboration, and answers key questions.

AP automation customer success stories

North American Mining Company

Natural resource mining company saves $5 million with AP automation.


Global powerhouse gains efficiencies with intelligent capture.

Total Military Management

Logistics company that serves the U.S. military improves customer service with Hyland’s OnBase and Managed Services.

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