Connect your applications for a complete view of information

Your business applications are critical for everyday operations. You rely on these systems – your ERP, accounting, HCM, claims, lending, electronic medical record, student information and other critical systems – to drive core processes.


Hyland provides a suite of integration products that connect with your data and systems enterprise-wide, enabling you organization to surface and deliver critical content in context.


Our integration toolbox includes a variety of methods to connect your systems – from traditional tools like screen-scraping and application add-ins to APIs and tools that fit a more modern architecture like RESTful web services.


Most integration options are point-and-click configurable, allowing organizations to rapidly connect applications according to solution requirements.


Hyland’s ECM integration abilities enable organizations to create solutions that:


  • Provide users with access to complete, up-to-date information directly from the core applications they use every day
  • Improve decision-making by elevating content visibility
  • Derive more value from existing systems

Explore your business opportunities with Hyland’s integration products


Hear how our customers unlock the value of their business applications by integrating them with Hyland’s suite of products:

By integrating your existing systems and applications with the Hyland platform, you can: 

Reduce manual data entry

Hyland’s integration products can instantly update your business applications as soon as they receive information, and in turn, your other applications can update information stored in Hyland systems.

Ease the transition to new software

With Hyland’s suite of integration products, users can access content stored in Hyland systems directly from their other applications. This reduces training requirements because staff can access needed content from their familiar applications.

Quickly find the information you need

By connecting Hyland solutions with your business applications, users gain instant access to related content without leaving their familiar screens.