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Hyland’s employee file management software improves the worker experience and secures sensitive data.

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Are disconnected employee information sources causing delays? Are you wasting time searching for employee files? We can help.

Digitize employee file management

Convert paper files and file shares to electronic records to manage content across the employee life cycle.

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Ensure data accuracy

Link HR processes with records management procedures to reduce lost or incomplete documents.

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Engage everywhere

Provide consistent experiences and access to information regardless of where employees and HR staff work.

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Integrate HR information

Associate HR system data with employee content from one repository — all accessible within HR system screens.

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Bob Walters discusses the benefits that being in the Hyland Cloud brings to Heinen’s.

Grocer achieves lofty goals with cloud-based HR solution

Discover how Heinen’s delivered on its expansion plan by transforming its HR processes with Hyland.

The grocery store chain accelerated vital HR processes and grew considerably without adding additional HR staff.


Are tedious, manual processes weighing you down? Try Hyland Content Services.

Discover how Hyland solutions manage content through all stages of the digital journey.

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