Managed services

Gain more value — and peace of mind — from your Hyland solution with proactive optimization and management.

Hyland Managed Services subscription levels

Strategically support the maintenance, enhancement, development and optimization of your key solutions at the service level that’s right for you.

Advise service tier details

Advisory services

Hyland experts provide an allotment of consultation sessions, which can be conducted remotely.

Expert recommendations

Our team provides configuration recommendations, best practices, design reviews and troubleshooting help.

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Operate service tier details

Day-to-day application management

Our experts cover the core capabilities of system administration so your staff can focus on your business.

Proactive support for greater system stability

Our team executes technical work and resolves incidents. We also provide consulting as a service.

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Enhance service tier details

Operate-level benefits and more

Experience all the services under the enhance level in addition to the following benefits:

Change execution for existing solutions

Our experts will manage change execution against your existing solutions, including software upgrades.

Technical ownership

We act as the technical owner of your solutions — adding to or improving your existing solutions.

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Expand service tier details

Enhance-level benefits and more

Experience all the services under the enhance level in addition to the following benefits:

Continuous execution of change

Our experts will manage continuous execution of change for new uses of your software.

Application ownership

We act as your IT application owner, performing technical execution, plus planning and coordinating activities.

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6 realities where managed services is a strategic move

Explore the challenges and realities many businesses are facing, along with questions to consider that can help you build a business case for managed services.

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The power of partnership: The Coke One North America story

Discover how amid rapid growth, Hyland helped CONA scale document processing from 5 million documents per year to 5 million per month in addition to 30% faster solution rollout, 1.4 million documents captured and stored weekly and 35,000 users accessing documents.

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