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Connect content and medical images within various workflows to improve decisions and achieve the vision of a connected health system — one patient, one chart at a time.

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Software solutions to support real-time healthcare

According to a recent HIMSS survey, 65% of health systems lack medical images and other unstructured information at the point of care. Eliminate this inefficiency with Hyland Healthcare software solutions.

Integrate content and medical images

Bring insight to care by integrating images and documents within your EHR workflow.

Deliver intelligent automation

Automate the life cycle of medical records, from scanning and indexing to compliant disposal.

Drive payer digital transformation

Forge a future-proof infrastructure by moving from legacy ECM to modern healthcare software.

Empower patients and drive loyalty

Boost satisfaction by enabling patients to access medical images and submit forms online at their convenience.


of HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 Achievers are Hyland Healthcare customers

> 50%

of U.S. health systems rely on Hyland Healthcare software solutions

> 15 TB

of imaging studies migrated
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Get enterprise-wide results with Hyland Healthcare

Is there a disconnect between the goals of your healthcare organization and the organization’s current reality? We can help. Explore how our intelligent content and enterprise imaging solutions improve information access, connect systems and processes, and enhance patient experiences.

Hyland Healthcare solutions case studies

UNC Health

Fast-growing health system partners with Hyland to improve operational efficiencies, expedite workflows and reduce costs.

MetroHealth System

Health system leverages Hyland Healthcare solutions to reduce missing reports by more than 80% and save HR half a day with the click of a button.

Priority Health

Insurer speeds app development by 77% and automates 90+ business processes and 100% of member onboarding.

Why Hyland Healthcare solutions?

Our solutions connect content and processes to your ERP, HRIS and other enterprise systems for unprecedented efficiency. From the emergency department to human resources, we deliver proven results for healthcare enterprises around the globe.

Empower your people to deliver their best with Hyland

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