Intuitive and Optimized User Experience

A content services platform that’s all about your users

Surfacing information to users in a useful and relevant manner is one of the most important goals of a content services strategy. An optimized user experience can help increase productivity, reduce errors and improve customer experience. The Hyland platform makes your content instantly available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application.

A fresh (inter)face

At Hyland we don’t treat user experience as an afterthought. Users want to access content in the way that makes the most sense for them, and Hyland empowers you to give them what they need with solutions that are:

  • Optimizable to declutter the workspace and give users only the views and controls they need based on their role
  • Responsive and standards-based to give your users the flexibility to work effectively from various modern devices
  • Versatile to enable all your users with the access and capabilities they need, whether they are in the office, mobile, remote, offline or external
  • Contextual to provide the right content in the context of a user’s tasks

A UI that’s a framework, not just a frame

With Hyland, you have the power to truly shape your users’ experience:

  • Configure and customize the UIs of your Hyland solutions to fit your exact needs
  • Expose Hyland functionality inside your users’ other enterprise and departmental applications
  • Design and deploy your own applications using our modular, microservices-based architecture

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