Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Transform processes and user experience

With intelligent automation (IA), organizations can better manage processes and data, anticipate the needs of users and customers, and give their employees the opportunity to focus on high-value tasks. By combining technologies like workflow automation, business logic, machine learning and analytics, Hyland gives you the tools to drive your digital transformation.

Working smarter

Intelligent automation can be applied throughout the information lifecycle, helping improve processes across the organization. Here are just a few examples:

  • Intelligent capture uses machine learning to simplify how organizations capture, extract, match and classify large volumes of data. 
  • Workflow automation leverages business logic and prebuilt rules and actions to create easily configurable process automation for document routing, reviews, approvals and exception handling.
  • Case management not only helps standardize practices for managing data, tasks and activities surrounding cases but also improves decision-making and productivity with smart features like notifications, ad-hoc tasks, collaboration, approvals, and robust trend and completeness reporting.
  • Process mining ensures that you have an accurate view into how your current processes are performing so you can develop an effective process automation and improvement strategy.
  • Customer communications management (CCM) helps rein in the numerous pieces of data, communication preferences and regulatory requirements to automate how your organization creates, tailors and distributes customer communications.
  • Governance Rules as a Service (GRaaS) leverages an expertly curated database of retention regulations to automate how your organization manages retention rules.

Beyond the technology

Adding intelligence does not have to be limited to the process itself. In fact, sometimes the most dramatic results can be accomplished by not just automating an existing process but by redesigning it entirely. Our team of industry experts can help you decide on the best intelligent automation strategy to shorten your time to ROI:

  • Conduct discovery to identify gaps, assess existing process performance and determine requirements
  • Ensure your solution supports your organization’s strategic vision and business imperatives
  • Make certain your infrastructure can support the capabilities, performance and capacity you require
  • Provide industry best practices and the experience from thousands of implementations