Data Security

Securing content services goes beyond a bolt-on feature

In a world where the data your organization collects, processes and manages is increasingly at risk, you need a technology partner who takes data security as seriously as you do. Hyland not only provides robust security features in our solutions but also follows the secure development lifecycle methodology to ensure our software is designed with data security in mind from the very beginning.

Security throughout the data lifecycle

Data security is not something that is done just once or only in one place. That’s why Hyland provides a full set of security features and guidelines to help you protect your business and customer data from the moment it enters your organization for as long as you need to keep it:

  • Data classification during capture allows organizations to automatically apply security, access and retention policies to new documents
  • Version control is critical to defensible data processing and holds, ensuring that the right version of a document is processed or produced during eDiscovery
  • Automated records and retention management automates the process of declaring documents as records, placing holds and performing retention tasks like automatic deletion or archival, which reduces exposure in case of a breach
  • Data masking and redaction enables automated masking of private or confidential information in documents based on business rules
  • Workflow automation and system integration automate the flow of information, reducing human touch to improve security, speed and accuracy
  • Case management standardizes data handling processes and provides visibility and accountability
  • Data encryption adds an extra layer of protection to your data at rest, in transit or in use, making it unusable to attackers in case of a breach
  • Role-based access controls and group policies allow administrators to fine-tune access to information based on user roles or corporate policies
  • Password security policies and inactivity time-outs can be configured to ensure users pick strong passwords and don’t inadvertently expose sensitive data when they walk away from the terminal
  • Redundant configurations support your business continuity and disaster recovery programs, and reduce or mitigate the impact of not only natural disasters but also ransomware and DDoS attacks
  • Cloud deployment provides advanced data protection, continuous monitoring and physical datacenter security

Extending security beyond your Hyland solution

We know that your business data exists not just in your Hyland solution but also across numerous systems and applications throughout the organization. That is why we also offer data security tools to improve security outside your Hyland repository. Here are just a few examples:


  • Data discovery tools help you monitor other applications, file shares, email attachments and cloud storage for unauthorized confidential and personally identifiable information.
  • Collaboration and sharing tools provide your internal and external users with the file sharing and collaboration features they need without compromising security and control.