What is Digital Transformation?

How businesses are leveraging technology to improve business agility and customer service

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a broad term encompassing the evolution of an organisation’s activities, processes and competencies to address the growing importance of technology in all aspects of business. Every organisation has a slightly different journey toward transformation as they move to adopt the latest technologies, expand their information management ecosystems and improve operational processes.

A simple euphemism for digital transformation is “going paperless,” but digitalisation involves more than the conversion of paper to electronic documents. The digital transformation journey goes beyond technology with people and processes playing a crucial role in the evolution toward a digital business.

Starting the digital transformation journey

Once information and content has been digitised, evolving further into a digital business begins with the identification of business processes that can be automated and optimised.

Both simple processes and complex procedures with multiple integrations benefit from process automation. By prioritising operational needs and developing a digital strategy to address those needs, an organisation can make its processes more efficient and streamlined.

Digital transformation benefits

The time, effort, and costs needed to for a complete digital transformation are substantial, but the potential returns far outweigh them. Some of the most significant benefits for businesses include:

  • Efficiency, including the elimination of many process bottlenecks with automated workflows
  • Insights derived from up-to-date information business leaders can leverage to make informed decisions
  • Accessibility, as digital processes are available to users (both internal and external) from anywhere via connected devices
  • Customer satisfaction gained by optimised tools and platforms focused on user needs and experience
  • Profit resulting from improved productivity, better business decisions, and customer appreciation

A solution to support your digital transformation journey

An enterprise information platform can play an integral role in the evolution toward digital transformation. A platform’s natively integrated enterprise content management (ECM), business process management (BPM) and case management capabilities save companies money while improving productivity. Features such as automated document and data recognition and routing enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Beyond managing content, processes and cases, a centralised enterprise information platform provides:

  • Interdepartmental collaboration and sharing
  • Integration with core business systems
  • Data governance and management
  • Mobile and remote access

Ultimately, an enterprise information platform helps organisations adapt to the evolving digital landscape, now and in the future.

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