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Discover how Hyland Healthcare provides the medical imaging products you need to address today’s imaging challenges.

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Discover Hyland Healthcare’s medical imaging suite

Hyland Healthcare’s scalable medical imaging products provide the connected interoperability needed for a holistic view of the patient.


Our enterprise diagnostic viewer allows users to access, read and view images anytime, anywhere on any web-enabled device.

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Hyland Healthcare’s intelligent imaging workflow optimizer can increase radiology performance by 20%.

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PACSgear Suite

Our suite of image acquisition and connectivity tools for integrating imaging speciality departments across the enterprise.

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Hyland Healthcare’s cloud-ready vendor neutral archive improves image management and exchange.

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Case studies

More than 50% of U.S. health systems rely on Hyland Healthcare. Here are a few stories highlighting customers’ success using our medical imaging products.
Yale New Haven Health

Director of imaging systems explains how our imaging software supports machine learning.

University of Rochester Medical Center

Director explores why our imaging suite is more beneficial than a PACS-only approach.

UNC Health

Director discusses how her system integrated our medical imaging products with the EHR.

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Signify Research whitepaper: “Complexity, Consolidation and Cost”

Multimillion-dollar diagnostic imaging scanners and recent developments in AI may help usher in powerful new diagnosis capabilities. And yet, a gap remains between image acquisition and data dissemination into the wider care system.

Download this whitepaper to learn how you can break silos in this new era of connected care.

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