Intelligent capture

Get the most value from your automation strategy: Begin as soon as information enters your business.

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Hyland’s intelligent capture software

Our intelligent capture solutions use advanced technology for more accurate classification, extraction and validation across all document formats.

Enterprise platforms

Our industry-leading content management platforms support robust multi-channel capture capabilities, allowing you to easily:

  • Capture digital and paper content from high-speed scanners, MFPs, mobile devices, forms, databases and applications
  • Automatically classify your documents and accurately extract critical information with our intelligent capture solutions
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Brainware is an advanced intelligent capture solution that uses human-like capabilities to classify, extract and validate.

The more you use Brainware, the more efficient it becomes at finding and interpreting data on each information source that goes through your organization.

Use Brainware across the enterprise to:

  • Increase process efficiency
  • Reduce errors and redundancy
  • Improve information governance
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Case studies


Global powerhouse gains efficiencies with intelligent capture.


Real estate development firm sees $1 million return on AP automation investment. 

California State University East Bay

Public university speeds admissions decisions and transfer credit evaluations.

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3 reasons why intelligent capture is a customer experience game-changer

Intelligent capture allows you to turn information into actionable data, so you can forge faster, smoother connections with the people you serve.

Empower your people to deliver their best with Hyland ECM software.

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