Document Version Control

Defining document version control

Document version control, sometimes called revision control or source control, refers to the management of changes to documents and other structured and unstructured information. With document version control software, multiple users can work on the same document, eliminating the creation of multiple and differing versions.

Document version control allows a user to “check out” and lock a document while it is being worked on, so only one person is editing the document at a time. Once the item is “checked in,” it can be edited by someone new.

How OnBase can help with document version control software

OnBase gives organizations the ability to manage allows for the creation, revision and distribution of critical business documents. It centralizes the management of changing business documents, and provides offline synchronization for remote users, ensuring that everyone accesses the most up-to-date version of the document.

No more concerns that:

  • Employees or customers are working from old versions
  • Important notations disappearing with the paper they were written on
  • Document or keyword inconsistency

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