Process automation software

Set the foundation for an agile, digital business by optimizing processes and automating tasks across your organization.

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Hyland’s process automation solutions

Optimize your efficiency and empower your employees to do more meaningful work with process automation software built into Hyland’s core platforms.

Use AI to reliably improve efficiency, accuracy and the speed of document processing

Hyland Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) delivers AI-powered document capture, separation, classification and intelligent data extraction.

Using AI to learn, adapt and improve document processing, this IDP solution drastically reduces time investments and costs, as well as exceptions and bottlenecks.

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AI-enhanced, low-code workflow automation and orchestration

Hyland Experience Automate (Hx Automate) seamlessly integrates digital content across systems, empowering users with customizable workflows and intuitive form-building capabilities.

Recognizing the synergy between content and process automation, Hx Automate enables users to efficiently build, deploy and manage content-centric automation solutions in the cloud.

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Derive more value from content-centric operations

Scale and grow

Scale automated document processing enterprise-wide with Alfresco Process Automation, a solution designed for technical and nontechnical users alike.

Break down silos

Collaborate to drive digital transformation by eliminating data barriers and bringing teams together.

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Automate high-volume, repetitive tasks

Let bots tackle your heavy-volume, low-level tasks, so your people can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Plug-and-play, reusable automation units and easy third-party integrations speed your time to ROI with Hyland RPA.

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Empower your content management capabilities with artificial intelligence

Find new meaning in your data

Nuxeo Insight uncovers key information in your documents, leading to seamless, intelligent document classification — no coding expertise required.

Enriched documents with automated metadata drive automated image capture, launch workflows and bridge new content to pending tasks.

Automate tasks big and small

Workflow management and automation capabilities can help businesses improve efficiency and remain competitive.

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Automate document-centric business processes

Workflow capabilities

Enhance business process transactions, decrease processing time and improve document handling accuracy with OnBase’s Workflow.

Application integration

Seamlessly integrate your core business applications for more efficient, accurate document management.

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Case studies

Thousands of Hyland customers use process automation to modernize operations, drive digital transformation and reach new levels of agility and efficiency. 

Horry County

Local government agency uses Hyland RPA to process 30,000 property tax returns without human interaction.

North American Mining Company

Natural resource mining company saves $5 million with AP automation.


African insurance company utilizes cloud-based Hyland solutions to provide insurance via cell phones.


Forrester Consulting study: Transforming Processes and Experiences With Content, Automation And AI

Will AI-enabled automation meaningfully improve content-heavy processes?

Yes, according to 81% of respondents to Forrester Consulting’s 2024 study. To stay competitive, your organization must close the gaps by integrating AI and automation into your content strategy. Read this compelling study, full of stats and insights, for more.

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