Switching to Hyland

Replace your legacy enterprise content management platform by switching to Hyland, and gain a cloud-native, future-ready solution dedicated to empowering people to deliver their best.

Smarter, stronger, faster growth is waiting for you. It’s time to elevate how you and your teams connect, innovate and interact with the world.

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Is it time to say goodbye to your legacy ECM system?

If your organization is like many others, you likely have one or more legacy ECM or repository systems that are not only still in service, they actively support your core business processes.

With their outdated technology, dated interfaces and limited integration options, your legacy systems probably already detract from your users’ productivity.

Legacy technology often has many other, less obvious detriments including:

  • Costs of licensing and maintaining legacy software and hardware, such as training administrators and investing in time-consuming custom integrations
  • Security risks due to inadequate or antiquated security features, protocols and access controls
  • Compliance risks , including the inability to automate compliance processes or to provide auditing or reporting that proves compliance
  • Dated, proprietary technology that is not cloud-native and is difficult to extend, integrate and scale
  • Difficulty in finding experts to maintain the aging technology
  • Poor user experience due to unintuitive, complicated interfaces and a lack of support for modern devices, browsers and operating systems
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"By going with Hyland instead of upgrading FileNet, we instantly saved $400,000 ... and we evolve the system ourselves at a much lower cost. For instance, developing our current workflow in FileNet would have cost $200,000 more"

Kimberly Wraight, ECM Coordinator at Washtenaw County

Why choose Hyland?

Hyland’s modern content solution platforms are cloud-native and built from the ground up to enable extensibility and integration. Our low-code interfaces and solutions provide a rapid time to value and enable developers to build more quickly than ever before.

Our thriving ecosystem of professional services, partners and systems-integrator networks are ready to help modernize your content solution platform so your employees can focus on high-value tasks.

Hyland platform benefits

Hyland platform customers benefit from our market-leading technology, which constantly evolves and reflects future-forward thinking.

Cloud-native content solution architecture
Gain flexibility and take full advantage of leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Reduced IT complexity
Hyland’s modern, lightweight platforms and fully managed platform as a service make it simpler to build on your technology foundations.

Process and content intelligence
Automate manual tasks and produce better insights about your valuable information with innovative differentiators such as robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Modern application development tools
Provide the agility to create compelling user experiences faster than legacy ECM.

Proven solutions
With deep industry expertise, extensive integration options and ecosystem partnerships, Hyland delivers solutions that solve your users’ business needs.

A vibrant, open-source community
Collaborate and speed your work alongside the robust community of Hyland customers.

Flexible migration paths
It’s never been easier to move to a modern content solution platform with Hyland. From multiple migration and conversion options to federation and in-place migration, there are many options available. Our experts will help you find the one that’s best for your organization.

Extreme scalability
Hyland platforms support the management of billions of documents — our customers never have to worry about scaling up or down.

Of course, the right technology is only one factor in your modernization success. The technology also must be successfully implemented into your processes and your existing technology ecosystem.

Hyland’s team of industry experts can help you at every step of your modernization journey, from planning to implementation and training. And with our experience from tens of thousands of deployments, we can also help you leverage your industry’s best practices to find your own shortcut to ROI.

Data migration services

Need to migrate millions (or billions) of records from your legacy system?

No problem! Hyland offers multiple conversion options to ensure you move only what you need, when you need to.

Hyland’s data conversion services deliver predictable file conversion projects that meet your scope, timeline and budgetary needs. We have experts available to support migrations into any Hyland platform.

Migration resources:

Case studies

  • Washtenaw County saves $400,000 by replacing IBM FileNet with Hyland solutions
  • Liberty Mutual used Hyland to deploy on AWS to drive transformation and simplify the development of new business models
  • CVS Health transitions away from legacy content management system IBM FileNet
  • Large European bank ABN AMRO transitions away from legacy ECM

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