Digital transformation for state and local government

Power digital services and transformation with a single, centralized and configurable content services platform.

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Explore Hyland’s state and local expertise

Deploy a suite of configurable, digital tools to automate processes across agencies, departments and use cases for faster decisions and service delivery.

Public assistance

Automatically capture applications and supporting documentation for faster eligibility decisions and recertifications.

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Public works and community development

Electronically manage construction tasks, from licenses and permits to Esri/GIS integrations and inspections.

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Investigations and inspections

Empower inspectors, public safety officers and law enforcement to work more effectively in the field with online forms and mobile processes.

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Workforce development

Capture and manage applications online for benefits like unemployment claims, and automatically route to case workers.

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Licenses and permits

Speed review and approval of professional, occupational and business licenses/permits with e-forms and automation.

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Public records request management

Simplify and speed information request submissions and fulfillment with online capabilities and digital delivery.

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Constituent portal

Integrate a self-service citizen portal into your website that has e-forms, document uploading and status tracking.

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Integrations with core systems

  • Cityworks
  • Accela
  • Esri
  • Workday
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Tempest Prospero
  • PeopleSoft
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Legacy system assessment

Antiquated technology systems often account for a large portion of government IT budgets.

If your state or local agency is looking to modernize its tech stack, this assessment — complete with an evaluation checklist and modern tech fixes — is a valuable guide.

Case studies for state and local government 

Discover how agencies achieve measurable value using Hyland’s digital government solutions.

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) 

State transportation services agency uncovers expected savings of $500,000 in shipping costs alone with Hyland solutions.

Wasatch County

Utah county uses Hyland solutions to meet transformative, life-changing goals.

Horry County

Local government agency uses Hyland RPA to process 30,000 property tax returns without human interaction.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The state was headed for the cloud, but it wanted a no-stress deployment. Enter Hyland.

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