The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was headed for the cloud, but it wanted a no-stress deployment. Enter Hyland.

When the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decided to move to the cloud, it did so decisively. “The state of Massachusetts’ mantra in the last year has been ‘cloud-only, cloud-first,’” said Massachusetts’ Director of BPM Platform Services Group Mike Syversen.

When choosing how to achieve its vision, the decision-makers for the state knew they didn’t want to manage the day-to-day administration of the transition. The team selected Hyland, choosing to deploy Hyland’s OnBase solution in the cloud and adopting a managed services approach. This meant Hyland provided the technical expertise to take the organization to the cloud. The transition has met overwhelming success.

“Yesterday, our forms were static and online,” Syversen said. “Download a PDF, fill it out, scan it, send it in or send it in with snail mail. Today, our forms are dynamic. You fill them out and press submit, and it automatically enters into a very efficient workflow.”

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For us to not have to bring capital equipment in — for us not to have to bring and train new administrators for the OnBase tool — that’s perfect. It’s exactly what we were looking for.

— Mike Syversen, Director of BPM Platform Services Group, Commonwealth of Massachusetts