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What can you do with OnBase?

Hyland's OnBase platform automates your processes, manages your important business content and works with your other applications to provide users with a complete view of the right information.

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Hyland's OnBase platform automates your processes, manages your important business content and works with your other applications to provide users with a complete view of the right information, where and when they need it.

OnBase gives you visibility into the status of processes, documents and information, and automates and supports retention requirements.

With these benefits, OnBase:

  • Transforms internal processes and the customer experience — continually improving service levels to your employees, customers, patients, constituents, students, vendors and partners
  • Reduces operating costs by automating predictable decisions and providing useful tools to manage all surrounding tasks, activities and information
  • Minimizes risk with a secure, protected environment for your work

Capture information from multiple sources

Regardless of format or location, OnBase captures your documents and extracts necessary information, automatically sending it to all relevant systems.

It then organizes them into a single system with minimal human interaction, which eliminates the need for error-prone manual data entry.

With OnBase, organizations can take advantage of powerful multichannel capture capabilities:

Automate processes across the organization

OnBase helps you decrease processing time, reduce errors and increase employee productivity by optimizing your processes.

Following your business logic, OnBase can automate predictable tasks while delivering exceptions and decisions to the right people, at the right time.

Leverage OnBase to send notifications, enable approvals from mobile devices and load balance important work — increasing efficiency and keeping processes flowing.

OnBase is your ultimate toolkit for process automation:

  • A highly configurable workflow engine that includes a variety of built-in rules and actions to automate complex business processes.
  • Customizable forms enable you to easily tailor a form’s look, feel and functionality, including strategic options like required fields, data validation and calculations with instant results.
  • Powerful flexibility provides the ability for business users to configure rules to evaluate documents and dynamically assign approvers — streamlining and simplifying the document approval process.

Support case-driven work

To thrive in today’s business environment, organizations need a modern approach to work. Solutions must support dynamic and often unpredictable processes.

OnBase simplifies case management by managing all the data, tasks, documents, processes and collaboration surrounding unstructured cases — like service requests, investigations and incidents — in a single solution.

Whether working on a customer relationship, a project or an issue, OnBase gives your employees a complete view of the case and all the information they need to complete their work.

With OnBase case management capabilities, they can spend less time on paperwork and more time on delivering customer value.

At the same time, OnBase also increases visibility across all cases. This equips you to monitor completion, make improvements, standardize best practices and increase effectiveness over time.

Enable comprehensive content management

Your organization has a variety of business-critical content, from invoices and contracts to video files. All are required to support key processes, drive operations and serve customers.

With OnBase, you organize, manage and optimize critical content originating across your organization, providing users with a complete view of the information they need, when they need it.

Leverage OnBase content management capabilities to:

  • Work digitally with business content, regardless of format and where the content currently resides
  • Empower users to easily search for documents while leveraging digital folders and file cabinets to keep content organized
  • Effectively handle revisions and versions to ensure users access the most current content
  • Use notes, markups and electronic signatures, supporting effective collaboration and streamlining processes
  • Provide a complete audit history of actions taken on key content for compliance
  • Rapidly distribute the right documents to the right employees for required reading and training, easily tracking and proving employee acknowledgments

Configure applications with a low-code platform

OnBase serves as a low-code, rapid application configuration platform that minimizes the need for costly custom coding and multiple point solutions from different vendors.

With OnBase, you can replace aging database applications like Access and Lotus Notes while filling in the functionality gaps that exist between your line-of-business systems.

You can also point-and-click configure a variety of solutions, from traditional forms and workflow solutions to complete business applications, using tools like checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus.

Integrate with key systems

OnBase integrations have a variety of options:

  • Purpose-built integrations: Seamlessly feed information and documents between OnBase and other applications with prebuilt connectors for many widely adopted applications including Salesforce, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Office, Outlook and Infor.
  • Screen-level integrations: With a point-and-click configuration tool, OnBase empowers your users to access documents, create forms and even begin OnBase processes directly from the screens of other business applications.
  • Data-level integrations: OnBase offers an enterprise integration platform to coordinate an instantaneous, reliable exchange of data between your applications. By integrating your applications at the data-level, you ensure that the data across all your systems is consistent and up to date.

Monitor and improve processes

OnBase provides your users, administrators and auditors with the dashboards, logs and reports they need. This allows for accurate and timely insights into the status of your processes, the completeness of your records and the health of your system.

Easily configurable reporting not only provides visibility into your processes but also helps identify missing, aging or expired content, and it reduces disruption during audits and eDiscovery.

Improve data security and compliance

OnBase is developed with security as a top priority and provides a full set of security features to help you protect your business and customer data from the moment it enters your organization.

  • Granular access controls and group policies allow administrators to fine-tune access to information based on user roles or corporate policies.
  • Automated records and retention management automates the process of declaring documents as records, placing holds and performing retention tasks like automatic deletion or archival, which reduces exposure in case of a breach.
  • Data encryption adds an extra layer of protection to your data at rest, in transit or in use, making it unusable to attackers in case of a breach.
  • Redundant configurations support your business continuity and disaster recovery programs, and reduce or mitigate the impact of natural disasters, ransomware and DDoS attacks.

OnBase also helps you meet compliance requirements by standardizing and automating your data handling processes, and by securely storing, protecting and destroying your information in accordance with applicable regulations.

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Power up with the Hyland Cloud

Leverage the industry-leading capabilities of OnBase on a cloud hosting architecture that fits right in with your technology ecosystem.

The Hyland Cloud is a reliable and secure solution that continues to evolve to support your information management needs — today and into the future. Key features include:

  • Designed to deploy content services applications
  • Deployments are led by a team of experts
  • High data availability with an average 99.99% uptime

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Enhanced capabilities to match your needs

While OnBase comes fully equipped with the many features you need to confidently manage your content and processes, we know that sometimes you need to add specialized functionality as part of your business solution.

Ready to take your digital transformation to the next level?

By consolidating all of your important content on one modern content services platform, OnBase helps you remove information silos, improve user and customer experience, and at the same time better protect your information.

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