Wasatch County

Utah’s Wasatch County takes government services into the future.

Wasatch County is growing in population and in technology capabilities. As its leadership identified goals for the future, the IT team brought in Hyland's OnBase solution to help automate and manage content across departments.

What transformative government looks like

Wasatch County's Information Technologies Executive Don Wood identified several goals for the county when setting out to digitally transform. He wanted to adopt and leverage automation capabilities and enforce content management best practices, and Wasatch County employees needed the ability to seamlessly interface with citizens, business owners and property owners.

"Our goal as a county is to build trust in our citizens by building a dependable, reliable and predictable way to interface with us," he says.

Impacts of Hyland solutions

Wasatch County uses Hyland's OnBase platform for all content management, including record retention policies and automation. The platform provides the automation the county requires, including workflow solutions and low-code modules using OnBase's WorkView component.

Low-code wins

Wood says Hyland solutions help the county facilitate a lot of process improvements that wouldn't be possible otherwise, given the size of the organization.

"We are a small shop," he says. "We do not want to be big coders. We appreciate the low-code environment and the flexibility to build what we need to build and to be responsive to our employees' needs"

We appreciate the low-code environment and the flexibility to build what we need to build and to be responsive to our employees’ needs.

— Don Wood, Information Technologies Executive, Wasatch County

Better experiences for "customers"

A vision for Wasatch County's future-state was pretty clear for Wood. "Basically, we're hoping we can get rid of counter visits," he says. "That's our ultimate goal: To allow 24/7 operations, and you only come and visit the county when you choose to."

In practice, that kind of digital transformation involves taking forms and applications — even agenda processes — online, so citizens, business owners and property owners can interact with the county at their convenience. Then, once they submit a form or request, Wasatch County wants updates about the progression of the form to be automated.

"That allows us to free up the time of our employees to put toward more productive work," Wood says.

Future-focused systems planning

Wasatch County also uses Hyland's consulting services to plan and gut-check the feasibility of new initiatives. Wood says having the ability to check in with Hyland's digital transformation experts has helped his team get more value from the product. Making sure their plans will take them in the right direction and make sense or not is critical to building smart solutions in the future.

"We're excited for the future for several things" Wood says. "We enjoy and appreciate the investment Hyland's putting into their product in terms of new technologies, which are really very forward-thinking and allow us to address issues without going to Hyland, asking if they have something. They've already built it into the program. It's very nice to work with a proactive partner in that regard."

Additionally, Wood wants to capitalize on the system's scalability for his rapidly growing county. His vision is for the quality of service to increase while the county's existing information workers are more empowered to do higher-level functions than ever before.

"We want to allow the Hyland system to take care of all those simplistic systems that computers are very good at," he says.