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What is disaster recovery software?

Disaster recovery software helps organizations protect their critical data and systems from unexpected events that could cause downtime or data loss.

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An overview of disaster recovery software

Disaster recovery software protects your IT systems, information and digital assets from unrecoverable loss and allows you to keep your business running in the event of a natural or human-made disaster, including earthquakes, floods, accidental deletion, software crashes and power failure.

Disaster recovery is considered to be a subset of business continuity, which involves keeping all essential aspects of a business functioning despite significant disruptive events.

How does disaster recovery software benefit your business?

IT downtimes results in hundreds of billions of dollars in losses each year. Disaster recovery software allows you to keep your essential systems running so that you can mitigate these losses.

Disaster recovery software:

  • Backs up your essential IT systems, allowing full recovery of essential data, processes and programs
  • Replicates your entire computing environment – data, systems, networks and applications – and makes it available when your primary environment is unavailable
  • Provides you with 24/7 local and remote access to essential IT systems and software

What makes Hyland's OnBase unique in the world of disaster recovery software?

OnBase disaster recovery solutions are scalable and customizable to your needs, whether you want to meet compliance regulations or ensure business continuity.

Our hosted disaster recovery software can reduce the cost of your business interruption insurance by up to 25% by making your data available via a secure website soon after a disaster strikes. It essentially provides a hosted version of your OnBase system that can be set up to synchronize data as soon as it is entered into your system.

We also offer database validation, which is like an insurance policy for your OnBase system. You send backup media of your OnBase database to Hyland software at regular intervals. If the database can be completely and successfully restored and validated, it is sent back to you for safekeeping. If a problem arises, we immediately notify you to solve the problem.

We can also safeguard your files by inspecting them byte by byte and ensuring that what is reported in the disk groups matches what is reported in the database.