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The connective power of content services

Solve your most pervasive business challenges with modern end-to-end content services capabilities.

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From the business-critical to the seemingly insignificant, the information that flows through your business holds vital clues about the health of your operations, the effectiveness of your brand and the continuation of your organization’s success.

How you manage this content speaks volumes about how you manage change, contain risk, engage with customers and enable your business to thrive.

From public marketing materials to confidential financial data to the results of your employee and customer surveys, there are nearly unlimited insights hiding in your organization’s information.

But when that information is locked in disparate systems, inaccessible to your knowledge workers and only considered individually, those insights are regrettably limited.

To unearth the most valuable insights hidden in your information and make smarter, more data-driven business decisions, you need friction-free access to your content in context.

A cloud-native content services solution, thoughtfully implemented, allows your organization to take true control of its information today and leverage the insights hidden within to prepare for whatever the future holds.

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Did you know?

Content services implementations can consist of three elements.

  • Content services platforms
  • Content services applications
  • Content services components

The basics of content services

What is content services?

The term content services (formerly known as enterprise content management, or ECM), coined by Gartner, describes flexible and often cloud-based offerings that enable effective access to, use of, and management of information across the organization by users, processes and applications.

These offerings work behind the scenes to connect your existing systems and repositories in a user-friendly way, so your people and systems can access all the content and information flowing through and created within your business, at any time, from anywhere.

Today’s content services platforms evolved from legacy ECM technologies, which are no longer adequate to address rapidly scaling information challenges.

Best-of-breed modern content services offerings enable process automation and information lifecycle management by leveraging the following capabilities individually or in any combination:

When integrated with your other core systems and applications, content services platforms allow seamless access to the information your people, processes and applications need to make better business decisions and improve customer experience.

The benefits of implementing a content services platform

The need for information access, governance and analysis is greater now than ever before. A content services platform supports your organization’s efforts to go beyond simple document management to achieve true digital agility.

A strategic content services approach means:

  • Increased access to information from any device, any location, at any time
  • Faster and cheaper creation of business-focused solutions — that are subsequently easier to maintain
  • Increased automation, efficiency and visibility of multiple business processes
  • Intelligent management of new rich media formats such as video and images

Content services platforms support these improvements by enabling enterprise-wide connectivity via:

  • Access to corporate networks that provide training, remote work policies and IT help desk resources
  • Secure sharing tools for sensitive corporate and customer information
  • Virtual hiring, onboarding and HR processes
  • Cloud-based, real-time communication platforms
  • And more
  • Content services is the behind-the-scenes key to getting the most value from your systems, information and processes.

Be informed, empowered and connected with Hyland content services

Hyland delivers leading content services solutions that help you stay competitive, embrace change and better connect with the people you serve.

Our platforms and product suite are comprised of tailored solutions and applications that combine to meet the content and process management needs of organizations across industries and around the globe.

With cloud-native solutions, enhanced scalability and support for large enterprises, a full spectrum of application development capabilities including low-code and open-source platforms, and tailored, repeatable business solutions, Hyland is the clear choice for organizations looking to reach the next stage of their ongoing digital evolution.

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