Stay competitive: five ways ECM keeps you competitive

Five ways ECM keeps you competitive

It’s not just the paper. It’s also the emails, forms, reports and document-based processes that nearly every organization still struggles to control. That’s why an effective use of enterprise content management (ECM) can help you stand out against your competition. When you’re one of the few that knows what information you have, where it is and how to use it, you:

1. Improve the bottom line and gain market share
By operating more efficiently with more information at users’ fingertips and by outperforming in speed and quality of customer interactions, you ultimately realize a return on investment that gives you the competitive edge.

2. Become more responsive to customers
Your customers can find 58,000,000 answers to what time it is in Helsinki in less than .2 seconds. With content all in one place, your organization gives them the same thing when they call with a question or new business – instant, thorough answers. Can your competitors?

3. Maximize use of other IT investments
Your team has used a lot of well-spent time and budget on your applications; ECM makes them even stronger. When users click on a button in their everyday applications to bring up related documents, they often don’t even know they’re accessing OnBase – they see it as a new functionality of their current system.

4. Make better decisions faster
Your organization can’t make better decisions faster than the competition when users hunt through folders, file shares and multiple applications for info. Strong ECM puts content when and where users need it – an ERP, Microsoft® Office tools or line-of-business software.

5. Minimize risk
Don’t put your content at risk for security breaches or compliance fines. Putting them in a secure, auditable ECM solution keeps them safe from both.