Clinical data management for content services

Ensure quality patient care with efficient and accurate clinical information 

EHR systems manage structured health data such as vitals, patient demographics, medication lists and more; but EHRs don’t natively incorporate unstructured patient information such as clinical documents, physician notes, medical images, and video into their systems.  

And more than 75% percent of all healthcare data is unstructured and still largely untapped.1 In fact, a recent HIMSS survey showed that only 37% of healthcare providers report that they have access to unstructured patient data at the point of care.2 

This additional, unstructured data provides more context around the patient which helps clinicians connect the dots to gain a more accurate picture of patient health. 

Up to 75% of patient clinical information is stored outside of the electronic health record (EHR) in the form of unstructured content.

With Hyland, organizations can connect this unstructured content, integrate it with their EHR and make it easily available to authorized clinicians and staff

No more waiting. No more searching. No more accessing multiple systems. No more risk from acting with incomplete information.

Aggregate data from any EHR

In a 2022 HIMSS Interoperability survey, 46% of healthcare organizations reported that integrating data from multiple EHR systems was a challenge. 3 With Hyland content services solutions access to data from legacy EHR systems can be provided within the main EHR.

Diagnostic Content — Create it, Share it

Physicians can capture clinical images, add notes, and create reports, which automatically associates this new information into the correct patient record in the EHR. Clinical workflows can immediately send the information to the referring physician. No more waiting for staff to print, copy and fax clinical content.

Instant Access — Across the Hall, Across the Globe

The ability to make time-sensitive clinical decisions from home, office or while traveling allows for more responsive, effective care. And clinicians can perform simple tasks, like signing off chart deficiencies.

An end-to-end clinical content solution

“The ideal goal is interoperability,” said Dr. Robert S. Juhasz, associate medical director of the Cleveland Clinic. “That is really the best opportunity for optimal care…with Hyland OnBase, the information is at the right place at the right time for the right person."

Hyland Viewing Solutions

While Hyland’s content services solution manages this information, Hyland’s viewer solutions offer an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to view non-EHR based data from within the context of EHR workflow enabling access to all patient information in one place.

OnBase Patient Window enables EHR access for unstructured documents and more housed in OnBase, NilRead and other medical imaging viewers. It is actively used at health systems worldwide.

Hyland Clinician Window, is a persona-based, browser agnostic solution that can be easily upgraded and securely managed in Hyland’s cloud. It enables physicians to see a side-by-side view of multiple patient documents, medical images and more from your health system and external sources. This includes enterprise access to OnBase, NilRead and other patient data available in XDS repositories through cross enterprise document sharing. Hyland Clinician Window is included with Hyland’s EHR integration package. 

Both OnBase Patient Window and Hyland Clinician Window are integrated with NilRead, a fully interactive, zero-footprint, 510k cleared and CE marked enterprise viewer that enables referential and diagnostic multi-specialty image viewing for diagnosticians and clinicians.

Tools for your Patient Portal

With Patient Portal Link, a patient can simply click on a button within their Epic MyChart record to complete, review and sign registration and consent forms; upload additional documents or images; and view previously uploaded documents via Hyland content services.

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