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How healthcare providers can digitize patient registrations and consents

Fostering improved patient experiences, reduced clinician rework and less costly processing of registration and consents is easier than you might imagine.

Experts estimate that during a doctor’s visit patients spend nearly half of their time either filling out forms or sitting in the waiting room.

Beyond wasted time and dissatisfaction, patients are also exposed to communicable diseases, shared by sick patients.

Germs linger in the air and stick to chairs, reading materials pens, clipboards, door handles and more. According to research by SureScripts, 51% of patients would rather visit a doctor that let them fill out paperwork online before a visit.

Hyland provides a complete strategy to simplify the patient registration and consent process.

Patients can complete electronic registration forms remotely or on-premises, with their own device or devices owned by your health system.

Patients and clinicians can complete the consent process at the patient’s bedside using mobile devices owned by the health system. You can also improve remote physician access to medical records with Hyland Mobile Healthcare.

Here’s how it works:

  • Patient forms are automatically created by Hyland’s forms manager based on HL7 appointment scheduling messages received from Epic Prelude or another EMR registration system. Patient demographic and encounter information from your EMR is populated automatically on the form.
  • At home, patients review and sign registration forms and upload photos and documents using Hyland’s Patient Portal Link, which is integrated for use with Epic MyChart.
  • Another remote alternative is to send an email notification of any forms needed during a call with a patient and ask them to complete and sign the forms via a web browser.
  • Within your health system, patients review and sign any additional registration forms on mobile devices provided by your health system through Hyland Registration & Consent eProcessing.
  • At the bedside, patients can sign consent forms using iPads or Android tablets owned by your health system. Clinicians may also witness receipt of the consent forms.
  • Physicians may use their own mobile device to see the patient’s EMR record. Hyland’s integration with Epic Canto and Haiku enables complete access to the patient’s medical history.

Demo: Digital forms completion

Facilitate the intake and completion of patient forms by automatically populating existing information and providing a user-friendly interface for additional data collection.

Improves the patient experience

Stop the clipboards of paper filled out at every point of contact.

SureScripts states that 75% of patients believe physicians who leverage mobile technology provide a faster and more convenient experience, including cutting down on physician wait times.

Hyland’s paperless registration and consent form completion eliminates redundancy and enables patients to fill out forms conveniently using mobile devices from the privacy of their home or bedside.

Pre-populated patient information from your EMR also ensures patients are not spending unnecessary time rekeying their name and date of birth on multiple forms.

Enabling mobile form completion and signatures also limits patient exposure to infections from other sick patients. Results, images and relevant documentation can be released automatically with the OnBase integration for Epic MyChart.

Reduces cost

Simplify patient processing while dramatically reducing registrar and HIM workload and operating costs associated with purchasing paper, generating form packets, storing paper and scanning paper through Hyland’s paperless registration and consent form processing.

By extending paperless registration to your portal, you also foster early patient engagement and adoption to reduce costs through self-service.

Enhances clinician productivity

Care is never compromised when physicians can access the patient’s electronic medical record to check-in on patients from their mobile device anytime and anywhere.

With an OnBase integration to EpicCare Link, out of network physicians can easily access a patient’s medical record, even securely capture mobile photos with Epic Haiku.

After referral, use the OnBase integration for Epic Canto to review complete patient information.

Going mobile is the key to addressing physician and patient needs more quickly and fostering patient engagement and improved care. To learn more, please contact your Hyland account executive.

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