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Overcoming unstructured patient data with Hyland’s Clinician Window

Data will continue to revolutionize healthcare; whilst individualized patient care takes priority when it comes to making well-informed decisions regarding treatment and preventative measures.

Informed care decisions are paramount for medical error prevention.

However, even with the best of intentions, Frost and Sullivan states that up to 80% of unstructured patient medical information, such as EKGs, ultrasounds, consult notes, discharge summaries and scanned/fax lab results reside outside of electronic medical record (EMR). This unstructured patient information is also growing more than 50% each year.

In fact, nearly half of respondents to a HIMSS survey found tapping into unstructured content to be one of their most significant obstacles to connected care.

The lack of access to unstructured patient records certainly has adverse consequences. Here are a few examples:

  • A patient dies of sepsis after test results and evaluations filed in multiple locations contribute to the failure of the care team to note the overall decline of the patient’s vital signs and lab tests.
  • A patient experiences delayed diagnosis of lung cancer when the provider is unable to access the patient’s radiology report filed on paper, or images archived in storage disconnected from the EMR.
  • A patient experiences delayed diagnosis of thyroid malignancy when their ultrasound results are not available for access within the EMR.
  • A patient receives double doses of Benemid, develops seizures and dies after a paper record is rekeyed in error into the new EMR.
  • A patient dies after a CT scan report revealing cancer goes unread for more than a year.

Content that resides outside of your EMR does not need to be a continued source for potential medical errors, costly redundant testing, delayed patient care and lost clinician time.

Hyland’s Clinician Window unlocks unstructured patient content making it available for care team review within your EMR or web browser, supporting informed clinician decision-making to improve patient outcomes.

Key benefits of Hyland’s Clinician Window

Establish a single, holistic view of each patient’s record within your EMR

Designed to serve as an extension of your healthcare organization’s EMR, Clinician Window delivers non-native EMR documents at the click of a button.

The Clinician Window combines non-DICOM content, such as EKGs, pathology reports, discharge reports, consult notes, wound images, videos and more from Hyland’s OnBase Foundation.

It also incorporates DICOM images, such as CTs, MRIs and X-rays through integration with Hyland’s NilRead enterprise medical imaging viewer.

This extension can even query and retrieve a variety of patient medical records — such as EKGs, discharge reports, lab results and visit notes — from registries using Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS).

Provide for care across the patient journey

Clinicians treating the same patient across acute, post- acute, ambulatory clinics and long-term care may have entirely different EMR systems within the same organization.

Hyland’s Clinician Window fills in the gaps and promotes care continuity by enabling clinicians to view data from another EMR system, as well as providing access to unstructured patient data from a web browser.

Clinicians checking on a patient can also easily login from a web browser to see their patient’s latest results regardless of the patient or clinician’s location — at a clinic, hospital or at home.

Enable easy cloud management and ongoing innovation

Enhance efficiency through Clinician Window’s persona-based, browser agnostic solution that can be easily upgraded and securely managed in Hyland’s hosted cloud.

Your organization will also be able to leverage value added micro services, smart application programming interfaces (APIs) and web services that extend clinician capabilities as they become available from the Hyland Experience Platform.

Improve workflow and care collaboration for improved outcomes

With Clinician Window managing and facilitating information sharing across the patient record cycle, clinicians can collaborate more effectively.

Thumbnails, as well as side-by-side comparisons of multiple images allow clinicians to view notes from referring physicians alongside ultrasounds, examine the latest EKG alongside a previous one and see X-rays next to the associated radiologist report when integrated with NilRead enterprise imaging viewer.

Aggregate data from legacy systems

Health systems often consolidate EMR systems and clinical applications as a result of a merger or an acquisition. Data from decommissioned, former legacy systems can be made available to clinical staff for a more complete picture of the patient care history through Clinician Window.

Seamless access to all of the patient’s medical record provides for connected care, improved patient outcomes and patient safety.