Enterprise diagnostic medical imaging software

Hyland’s enterprise imaging solutions allow customer to address their strategic initiatives in a way that best meets their needs.

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Break down imaging silos to succeed in the new era of connected care.

Drive scalability and access on one robust image viewing platform

Multi-specialty imaging viewing

Hyland’s enterprise diagnostic imaging provides the infrastructure to deliver the right tools for the right specialty.

Enhanced image collaboration

Cross-enterprise image communication and sharing tools empower physician collaboration and streamline processes.

Immediate accessibility

Every image, even those captured on mobile devices or other imaging archives, is accessible from any location.

A person studies images displayed via NilRead Viewer on a bank of digital displays.

Breast imaging

Breast image viewing

Hyland Healthcare’s NilRead enterprise viewer is a 510(k) Class II FDA cleared viewer.

A zero-footprint viewer with advanced visualization

Achieve advanced visualization in both referential and diagnostic viewing for digital mammography and DBT.

A technologist examines breast imaging on digital monitors.

Get a complete view

Streamline care and workflow

Streamline workflows and enhance care by leveraging enterprise imaging to view all ophthalmic images within your ophthalmology departments.

A clinician reviews ophthalmologic images on a digital display.

Diagnostic digital pathology

Extend the value of your enterprise imaging platform

Leverage your enterprise imaging platform to view and interpret pathology imaging.

Meet the specialized needs of pathology

Address the complex interpretation and workflow requirements that are unique to the pathologist.

Enhance productivity for pathologists

Manage large data sets at high speeds. Ingest and read special DICOM SOP classes specific to pathology. Manage JPG macro images of tissue samples.

(Referential viewing in the U.S.; diagnostic pathology in EMEA)

A clinician reviews pathology imaging on a digital display.

Point-of-care imaging solutions

Why are solutions needed to manage point-of-care images?

Nearly three-quarters of medical images are in non-DICOM format — with more added every day. Health systems must find a way to manage those images and provide clinicians with easy, secure access across the enterprise to make care decisions.

A solution for all images

Hyland Healthcare solutions help capture data from multi-specialty departments and connect images and information to the EHR.

Capture > Connect > Archive > Manage > View

Breaking down department imaging silos allows point-of-care images to be available to clinicians where, when and how they need them.

A person looks at a point-of-care image on a digital display.

Cloud computing and enterprise imaging solutions

Cloud-based enterprise imaging and storage

Meet the challenges of growing file sizes and volume, heightened security concerns and decreasing funds with modern medical image sharing and storage.

Disaster recovery

Gain critical technology infrastructure for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Eliminate hardware upgrades

Cut the costs of on-premises server maintenance and eliminate the need to buy more hardware to increase storage capacity.

High availability

Achieve 99.99% data availability for continuous, efficient access to images and critical datasets.

Doctor using cloud-based imaging program on tablet in a hospital
Clinician holding a digital tablet pointing to a medical image.

What’s missing from your EHR?

Up to 80% of clinically relevant content lives outside the EHR. Connect to all content and medical images from within your EHR to unlock hidden clinical insights.

Enterprise imaging case studies

Learn from real-world stories of Hyland Healthcare customers and discover how they achieved measurable results.

UNC Health

North Carolina healthcare system integrates enterprise imaging with its EMR, facilitating image exchange and creating a true longitudinal patient imaging record.

UNC Health

Fast-growing health system partners with Hyland to improve operational efficiencies, expedite workflows and reduce costs.

University of Rochester Medical Center

Healthcare organization breaks down silos and improves imaging sharing and collaboration with Hyland enterprise medical imaging solutions.

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