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What is a document management system?

An effective document management system is a centralized repository where documents can be easily searched, accessed and updated by authorized business users.

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Demo: Electronic signatures with OnBase

This video covers the two integrated signing solutions available with Hyland's OnBase platform.

Document version control

One of the key features of a document management system is complete version control. This capability minimizes duplicate files and tracks all edits to a document so that there are no worries of employees working from old versions or risks of document inconsistency.

Synchronization for remote users

The modern workforce is more remote than ever. That is why your chosen document management solution needs to be able to match the needs of the remote worker — enabling them to access the correct, most up-to-date version of every document regardless of location.

About Hyland's OnBase

OnBase allows for the creation, revision and distribution of critical business documents for organizations that handle substantial information on a day-to-day basis.

It centralizes the management of changing business documents and provides offline synchronization for remote users, ensuring that everyone accesses the correct document when they require it.

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