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Speed healthcare payer processes, support compliance requirements and boost member experience with intelligent content solutions.

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Discover Hyland’s healthcare payer solutions

Today’s healthcare payers need connected information and effective business processes to support members on their quest for positive health outcomes. Here’s how Hyland’s payer solutions can help:

Prior authorization

Speed response times with AI-powered intelligent document processing. Easily capture, classify and extract data for prior authorization reviews.

Optimize processes to adhere to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rules and avoid penalty fines.

Effectively track and report on compliance with prior authorization requirements.

Reduce the risk of a PHI breach by eliminating the manual processing of sensitive and private information.

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Member experience and support

Automatically route data and documents to the right workers, speeding claims processes and enhancing member satisfaction.

Reduce average handle time and minimize steps by linking your Hyland healthcare payer solutions to member records in Salesforce.

Deliver 24/7 self-service access to enrollment cards, explanation of benefits (EOBs), policy info and more.

Leverage unstructured data to support the member-360 data platform vision.

Support health outcomes with faster, data-driven decisions powered by a complete set of information.

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Appeals and grievances

Simplify the collection, storage, routing and management of appeals and grievances.

Automatically route claims appeals and documents to the right workers for immediate attention.

Increase process efficiency and meet compliance timelines.

Easily manage requirements for Medicare, Medicaid and commercial providers with configurable rules per the state, SLAs and mandatory or voluntary actions.

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Scalable and flexible payer platform

Empower enterprise IT to build tailored, customized healthcare payer solutions.

Deliver effective, personalized user experiences with open standards and open APIs.

Eliminate legacy ECM systems with a future-ready infrastructure driving resiliency, agility and efficiency.

Innovate faster and reduce costs with cloud-native healthcare payer solutions.

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Omnichannel communication

Create and manage personalized member communications for omnichannel delivery.

Share timely messages around enrollment, claims, health management and more.

Combine data from multiple sources to create the most accurate and up-to-date correspondence.

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Speed time to market and simplify IT with core system integrations

By connecting Hyland with your core healthcare payer software, your organization extends the value of your technology investment to empower agility and member support.

Gain a complete view of member or provider information with Hyland’s integration with Cognizant’s TriZetto healthcare products, Salesforce and more.

Healthcare payer solutions case studies

Learn how healthcare payers succeed with Hyland.

VNS Health

New York health plan enhances efficiency and security by automating appeals and grievances processes.

Priority Health

Insurer speeds app development by 77% and automates 90+ business processes and 100% of member onboarding.

Noridian Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organization offers better-quality service while adhering to Medicare regulations.

Benefits of integrated healthcare payer technology

Speed payer processes and increase accuracy, productivity and customer service.

Insurance payer uses Hyland for low-code flexibility

Hyland’s solution experts go “over and above” to help Priority Spectrum Health fix issues, improve workflows and become more efficient.

Low-code platform accelerates UnitedHealthcare employee training

Large organization utilizes Hyland’s OnBase to enhance collaboration, boost workflows and processes, improve outcomes, reduce costs and transform member experiences.

Hyland A&G solution speeds appeals processing at UMR, part of UnitedHealth Group

Company develops customized Hyland solution to store all of its documents in one location, provide real-time reporting and accelerate the review process for customers.

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