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Create and manage personalized healthcare communications with Hyland’s Content Composer

Your members receive separate communications from various departments within a payer organization — each with different messages, purposes and formats that lead to risks of non-compliance and member abrasion.

As technology quickly evolves, so do the expectations of payers’ members. They want to communicate via the channels that they prefer.

This could be email, web chat, text, social media or paper. They want communication that is digital and personalized. And meeting their expectations for communications is an important part of addressing the challenge of improving customer experience.

A 2023 study by Bain & Company and KLAS Research showed that healthcare providers are spending heavily on technology. The groups surveyed 201 U.S. healthcare providers, and 56% cited software and technology as one of their top three strategic priorities. That figure marked a stark increase from the 34% of respondents who said the same in 2022.

A whopping 75% of respondents expected the spike in software and technology spending to continue over the next 12 months.

In a survey of payers conducted by Zipari, 93% of respondents that made digital investments noted significant membership increases, and 73% reported decreased membership turnover.

Tools such as Hyland's Content Composer can help payers address this challenge.

Enhancing and personalizing member engagement

The challenge with lack of consistent and coordinated communications is only the beginning.

Many payers don’t have technology to support the effective use of multiple channels, such as web, mobile and social media. Content assembly processes are labor-intensive and managed on older systems that don’t support reuse or sharing of content

By creating and managing personalized communications and omnichannel delivery, Content Composer helps payers increase engagement with members, providers and employers.

Designed to integrate with enterprise applications and office productivity software, Content Composer features powerful creation, distribution and management tools to improve member communication efficiency, productivity and consistency.

Content Composer has helped all types of insurers optimize correspondence and connect with their policyholders from start to finish. It provides a single platform for all three correspondence types: batch, on-demand and interactive.

Connect with your members from start to finish

Member communications touch every aspect of the healthcare payer organization, including new business, premium accounting, member service and claims.


Payer enrollment is your first opportunity to make the best impression with new members. Getting these conversations correct show you understand your member.

  • Benefits elections
  • Enrollment and benefit guides
  • Insurance card
  • Welcome correspondence
  • Welcome education

Population health management 

Help ensure the health of your members by sharing vital educational materials with high-risk groups. Send reminders for yearly checkups, vaccinations and more.

  • Exercise and nutritional tips
  • Wellness screening reminders
  • Smoking cessation assistance
  • Healthy lifestyle education

Member service

Consistent and formalized communications in member service is imperative. Customer service is the key differentiator, and by doing it well, insurers can drive the member acquisition, retention and efficiency that will create a competitive advantage.

  • General correspondence
  • Forms requests
  • Confirmation statements
  • Renewal notices
  • Annual notice of changes

Claims and reimbursement 

Strict guidelines must be met once a claim is received. During this part of the process, insurers are required to communicate in compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Explanation of benefits
  • Claim packets
  • Missing information requests
  • Denial letters
  • Settlement notifications

Core benefits for healthcare payers

Timely, personalized provider and member communications

Provider and member experience have become more critical in today’s post-pandemic environment.

A key component of a positive member experience is coordinated and personalized communications.

Content Composer improves engagement with timely communications in the receiver’s preferred format by combining data from multiple sources to create the most accurate and up-to-date correspondence.

As members’ desire for a digital, personalized and convenient experience continues to grow, member experience increasingly becomes a key brand differentiator — valued over price and product.


Demo: Digital forms completion

Facilitate the intake and completion of patient forms by automatically populating existing information and providing a user-friendly interface for additional data collection.

Consolidate communication applications with a single enterprise-ready solution

Proven for high-volume and complex production output and distribution, Content Composer consolidates multiple communication applications with a single enterprise-ready tool able to manage high output volumes, complex document formats and omnichannel delivery.

The solution promotes data integrity by pulling information values directly from various systems, eliminating errors and accessing the most up-to-date information from the primary source.

Fully automated composition can be triggered by a third-party system or automated process. The composition of the documents, packaging, output and distribution can all be pre-configured so that no user interaction is required.

Create communications without leaving your core business systems

A modern customer communications management (CCM) solution should integrate into your existing and future business processes and access data from multiple sources, including appeals and grievances, claims, compliance, auditing and member enrollment.

Content Composer supports the creation of communications through direct integration with core business systems like Cognizant TriZetto, providing communication in context.

This eases administrative burden by decentralizing template authoring and editing and allowing business units to participate in the creation of their correspondence.

Content Composer offers a robust environment for administrators to create and manage components in a global library that is designed to maximize the re-use of common languages, clauses, headers, footers, logos/brand icons, etc. This provides central management for text blocks, processes, scripts and more.

Templates can be authored by business owners in Microsoft Word, allowing business users to create and update their own templates. Component inheritance allows downstream templates to receive updates when the base component is changed.

As the customer experience continues to evolve, member communications will play an increasingly important role in your organization’s success. Now is the time to take control with a CCM solution.

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