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Prior authorization

Hyland Intelligent Document Processing helps organizations make prior authorization procedures simpler and more efficient.

Healthcare worker checks laptop while processing electronic documents.

Tired of the endless paperwork and manual processes that bog down your organization’s prior authorization procedures? You can simplify the way you handle prior authorizations with Hyland Intelligent Document Processing.

Gone are the days of relying on personnel to monitor communication channels, sort and classify content, and manually enter data into the system of record. With Hyland’s AI-based machine learning and RPA technologies, you can automate document processing, free up time and resources, and comply with the required timeframes outlined in the CMS Interoperability and Prior Authorization Final Rule.

Don’t let manual document processing hold your organization back. Embrace the power of automation with Hyland IDP.

Check out this solution overview to learn how Hyland IDP helps organizations reduce costs, speed up processes, improve data accuracy, improve the member experience and so much more.