Low Code BPM Application Development Platform

Minimize the need for costly custom coding by point-and-click configuring business apps

To make informed decisions and serve customers, employees need the right tools and access to key information, in the right context. But, when business-critical information is scattered across multiple off-the-shelf and custom-coded applications, your workers are less efficient, and your customers’ experiences suffer. 

When it comes to your enterprise application strategy, are you thinking beyond build-versus-buy? 

Low-code application development platforms allow for the creation of business process management (BPM), enterprise content management (ECM) and case management applications through configurable features, tools and components rather than ground-up coding, enabling accelerated delivery of business applications.

Business benefits of a low-code BPM platform

Benefits of a low-code BPM platform derive from the minimal manual coding required and the ability to rapidly create and deliver applications to the business.

Key benefits of low-code software include:

  • Lowered costs resulting from reductions in coding, testing and bug-fixing
  • Accelerated prototyping
  • Data-driven configuration
  • Simplified updates/releases
  • Organizational ownership of UX, design, creation and delivery

How an enterprise information platform provides low-code BPM solutions

An enterprise information platform serves as a low-code platform for rapid application development. When offering native capabilities (enterprise content management, business process management (BPM), case management, capture and integrations) a low-code platform minimizes the need for costly custom coding or purchasing multiple point solutions from different vendors. Low-code rapid application development platforms offer a faster, easier alternative that empowers your IT organization, your employees and your customers.  

A rapid application configuration platform can scale to support a spectrum of content-enabled solutions across an organization – from back office solutions to industry-specific applications. Complex processes can be automated and applications adapted and perfected over time by identifying patterns and areas of improvement.

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