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Transforming higher education with cloud-enabled content services

Modernizing institutions and enhancing experiences for staff and students

Higher education institutions have always needed to manage information effectively. Today, however, the need to balance usability, security, remote working and learning, and compliance means that IT departments are under more pressure than ever.

This e-book explores the driving forces behind the need for better digital solutions for higher education. You’ll also learn how modern content services come to the rescue by providing institutions with:

  • Greater access to information from any device, any location, at any time
  • Faster and cheaper creation of education- and institution-focused solutions that are easier to maintain
  • Increased automation, efficiency and visibility of multiple processes
  • Intelligent management of new rich media formats such as video and images

With a content services platform, your institution can go beyond simple information management to achieve true digital transformation — with flexible pricing via consumption, subscription and perpetual licensing models.

Using disruption to fuel their goals, institutions that make wise investments during times of crisis are perfectly positioned to reap the rewards in the future.