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Transform public works processes to increase efficiency and on-time delivery

Agencies focused on public works and engineering provide the backbone for the construction and maintenance of the nation’s infrastructure — and here's how a content services platform your streamline project management.

The effective design, building and upkeep of critical assets — such as highways, railroads, dams, water systems, bridges, recreational parks and hospitals — is key to safeguarding the public’s safety and security while improving the quality of life for citizens.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for public works projects to be over budget and behind on delivery.

A content services platform can help.

Hyland’s platform brings together capabilities that include document/mobile capture, online forms, business process automation, content and case management, records management, customers communication management and seamless system integrations.

This comprehensive suite of configurable, scalable tools helps public works agencies increase efficiencies, improve communication and enhance collaboration to deliver projects and repairs on-time and within budget.

With Hyland’s content services platform, OnBase, your agency can speed construction or maintenance tasks across the entire project lifecycle — from licenses and permits to plan review and Esri/GIS integrations to inspections.

Regulating licenses and permits with OnBase

Public works departments often still rely on paper-based processes for managing permitting and licensing applications.

This can create issuance delays due to time-consuming manual data entry that leads to backlogs and lost documents.

With OnBase, your agency can:

  • Issue licenses and permits faster with online forms and automated workflow for reviews and approvals
  • Route applications to case workers based on type or workload for increased productivity
  • Capture and store application and renewal forms
  • in a secure online content repository for easy access, retention and disposition

Reviewing and approving plans faster

For government agencies, it’s critical to catch all issues with a building or site plan before approval.

Unfortunately, the traditional way of reviewing plan sets — in paper form only — presents many challenges for planning departments, especially in storage, access and version control.

Hyland’s end-to-end solution manages and automates the entire planning process for infrastructure projects from submission to final approval by providing:

  • Integrations to permitting solutions for a single location to store plans and related documents
  • Automated version/revision control and tools for real-time collaboration
  • Transparency into plan status via reporting dashboards

OnBase connects with Esri GIS mapping systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) dramatically improved the way federal agencies review and analyze data by using the power of maps to bring together information that describes infrastructure such as roads, bridges and fixtures.

But the related processes still often depend on paper and consume departmental time.

Hyland’s content service platform seamlessly integrates with Esri GIS mapping software to make information readily accessible from the maps and familiar interfaces that staff use every day.

This integration also:

  • Connects data and documents for asset maintenance and enables online access to information
  • Provides simultaneous access to documents that require reviews by multiple staff members
  • Allows users to view all content related to any building or asset with geo-location of documents

Digitizing the inspections process

Inspections of public assets are usually conducted in the field.

Outdated paper-based processes mean inspectors often fill out forms on-site and then need to return to the office to manually enter the same information into their core systems, delaying decisions.

Reliance on paper in the office also makes it difficult to efficiently access, process and share information across agencies. Hyland’s content services platform enables you to:

  • Empower field staff with remote access to information and e-forms for work orders and reports
  • Capture documentation, photos and videos in the field and automatically route them for reviews and approvals
  • Store all content in one location for a complete view of the asset’s history, actions and documentation

Building and maintaining the country’s infrastructure can be challenging due to funding constraints, interagency complexities, disconnected systems and slow, paper-based processes.

OnBase provides the tools to manage construction projects and maintain assets more efficiently. That way, you improve on-time delivery and cost containment while enhancing the safety, security and quality of life for citizens and their communities

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