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Enhanced citizen engagement: How OnBase streamlines public assistance processes

Facing increasing workloads, budget constraints and fewer resources, today’s human services agencies need to do more with less to effectively deliver public assistance programs.

Outdated paper-based, email and spreadsheet processes can make it difficult for government agencies to manage and keep up with heavy caseloads.

These inefficiencies can lead to benefit delays for constituents who may fall through the cracks.

OnBase, Hyland’s content services platform, brings together data capture, case management, business process automation (BPA) and more to enhance constituent engagement and service delivery.

These comprehensive capabilities eliminate the manual tasks that slow processes down and centralize information on a single platform, improving efficiencies, collaboration and ease of access to documents so case workers can focus on the important work of helping people in need.

Reduce paper-based processes and manual data entry

OnBase helps agencies speed applications with electronic capture and intake of forms, as well as supporting documentation from any source, including paper-based documents, emails, mobile device and online portals.

With automated, intelligent capture, agencies can transfer data into their core system without manual data entry, which reduces errors and frees up staff for more valued-added work.

Key benefits of OnBase include:

  • Equipping case workers with electronic forms, automated workflow and a secure, online content repository, saving valuable time and making it impossible to lose documents while reducing storage costs
  • Automatically scanning unstructured documentation – such as driver licenses, birth certificates or divorce decrees — and intelligently classify, validate and verify them for faster application reviews and eligibility determinations

Manage files electronically for straight-through processing

Regardless of where they are located – in the office, out in the field or working remotely case workers can access, manage and process information quickly and easily by:

  • Capturing and submitting images, forms and documentation directly into the repository
  • Accessing a complete view of the case file with just a single click
  • Automatically routing forms and applications with a rules-based workflow that prioritizes tasks and flags exceptions for a staff member’s attention only when it’s time to review or make a decision
  • Setting retention policies for automated, approved case file destruction in accordance with government policies to meet legal, compliance and security requirements

Simplify and streamline constituent communications and correspondence

Government agencies need to communicate with citizens on a timely basis regarding their eligibility to participate in programs and re-certification requirements, as well as to increase general awareness and provide informational updates.

Outreach messages are usually communicated through traditional postal mail, resulting in long response times or communications that are never even seen by the intended recipient.

Hyland’s customer communications management solution enables agencies to pull data from multiple sources to quickly generate personalized, on-demand correspondence.

Benefits include:

  • Lower operational expenses and maximum response rates driven by accelerated outreach to constituents using optimal output options, including email, print, SMS text or fax
  • Streamlined workflows that automatically generate correspondence upon application receipt to quickly move to the next process step, whether it’s to obtain additional information or schedule an interview or inspection
  • Reduced churn through automatic notifications to individuals or families who need to re-certify and reestablish program eligibility, which helps avoid temporary loss of benefits and the need to reapply.

Enable citizens to submit information via their preferred method

Agencies can enhance citizen engagement by allowing individuals to submit applications and supporting documentation via their preferred methods, such as mobile device, email or an online portal where they can also get status updates.

For constituents who prefer to physically mail in applications, staff can scan and automatically capture paper documents and then route them electronically for faster processing.

Mobile access to information also means case workers don’t need to return to the office if they forget a file or need to drop one off.

OnBase supports any public assistance program to help human services agencies increase efficiencies and reduce costs while improving constituent engagement and service delivery, including for:

  • Medicaid
  • Public housing
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/food stamps
  • Child protective/abuse services
  • Disability
  • Independent living