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Digitizing the payer experience: The case for process automation in healthcare

Here’s how Hyland Healthcare helps organizations gain a unique payer advantage.

With the ever-increasing demand for more affordable healthcare, health insurers find themselves in a highly competitive market in which they are constantly searching for new ways to deliver value while squeezing the most out of their existing capital. Content services technologies can help you improve efficiency by streamlining process management, automating manual tasks and facilitating communications.

Hyland Healthcare offers a full suite of payer solutions that address a wide variety of your most pressing challenges.

Automate appeals and grievance management

Speed compliant appeal and grievance processing via automated workflows and the ability to manage cases from start to finish.

Complete your member-360 view

Make unstructured member content directly accessible via member databases, such as Cognizant. API-level integration ensures little-to-no custom development, while in-app access to content provides a longitudinal view of member information that increases efficiency and speeds support resolution.

Create new applications

Rapidly deploy new content-enabled applications utilizing point-and-click, low-code technology. Solve your business challenges in half the time spent using traditional programming methods.

Personalize member communications

Improve member engagement with personalized, timely correspondence delivered in the member’s preferred format. Efficiently combine data from multiple sources to create consistent, up-to-date messaging.

Reduce accounts payable costs

Significantly cut AP costs by as much as 69% by eliminating manual data entry, reducing processing times and enabling more invoices to be processed per full-time equivalent. Hyland’s technology makes extracting and classifying invoices simple and speeds processing by integrating with your enterprise resource planning system. We help you with routing, three-way matching and posting to accounting applications to save time, reduce operating costs and eliminate duplicate payments.

Speed provider collaboration

Eliminate time delays and cut costs through secure electronic routing of documents shared between providers and payers for review, validation and approval.

Streamline human resource management

Capture, organize and track employee information — even sensitive data — regardless of format. Consolidate scattered data, tasks and activities, and connect personnel documents to your core HR systems.

Take time back with cloud managed services

Offload provisioning, maintenance and configuration of hardware and content services software to a team of experts — and free up your time to focus on core work. Our solutions provide for disaster recovery and scalability to ensure performance.

Hyland Healthcare offers a full suite of payer-based solutions designed to streamline content management and process automation.

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