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Increasing the efficiency and speed of inspections and investigations with content services

Inspections and investigations are mostly conducted in the field and away from the office – but reliance on paper documents delays the processing and dissemination of information across the agency.

Inspections and investigations are mostly conducted in the field and away from the office.

But these outdated paper-based processes mean inspectors, public safety officers and law enforcement personnel often fill out forms on site and then need to return to the office to manually enter the same information into their core systems.

This is a time-consuming, unproductive use of their valuable time. Slowed criminal investigations and regulatory inspections also create risk for the public safety of citizens and communities.

Hyland’s leading content services platform allows you to leverage capabilities that include:

With these solutions for investigations and inspections, your agency can improve efficiencies, increase productivity and facilitate compliance with public safety standards, building codes and environmental regulations.

Configurable, scalable capabilities


A content services platform such as OnBase empowers your field staff with remote access from mobile devices or a web portal to necessary documents, information and e-forms for work orders and reports.

This could range from inspecting bridges, restaurants, childcare facilities, nuclear plants, construction or incident sites.

Field staff can start to capture documentation, photos and videos in the field, scan paper documents and automatically route into workflow for reviews and approvals.

Then, office staff have immediate access to inspection results the instant they are submitted to speed processing.


Agencies can accelerate investigations with online forms for crime and incident reports, case management tools and a central repository for ease of access to all documents.

Capture electronic and paper documents and prioritize, assign and route cases to the right people based on rules-based workflow automation.

OnBase allows for search across databases, systems and repositories to quickly pinpoint relevant information to the specific case, and easily share files across jurisdictions.

Teams across the agency are also able to adhere to documentation compliance guidelines and ensure complete auditability of the entire document lifecycle.

How OnBase makes an impact

Delivering on your mission to maintain public safety and health can be challenging with limited resources, budget constraints and cumbersome paper-based, email or spreadsheet processes for inspections and investigations.

The OnBase platform delivers numerous benefits to your agency by:

  • Giving personnel access to online forms in the field to improve responsiveness, efficiency and service
  • Eliminating duplicative manual data entry and freeing up time for the more important work
  • Increasing productivity and the number of site visits, inspections and other tasks employees can perform in a single day because more of their responsibilities can be completed in the field
  • Improving collaboration and reducing time to complete inspections and investigations with easier access to information
  • Establishing a complete electronic record and view of all documentation, notes and content surrounding a person or asset
  • Ensuring compliance with documentation and record retention requirements
  • Reducing reliance on paper-based processes and associated storage costs

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