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Streamline digital transformation for the HIM lifecycle

Delays in medical record processing can be detrimental to patient care decisions, while also failing to meet regulatory requirements and inhibiting cash flow.

Silos of disconnected data and inefficient paper-based processes make it difficult to maintain the integrity of legal medical records for timely use while ensuring compliant governance throughout records’ life cycles.

Now you can improve Health Information Management (HIM) processing, reduce costs and speed time-to- value within and outside your enterprise by deploying proven, prebuilt, best practice HIM applications that leverage Hyland’s single content management platform integrated with your e and Computer-Assisted Coding applications.

Hyland also provides a low-code platform so your organization can build custom applications that improve process efficiency while securing data and reducing cost.

The following applications built on Hyland’s content services platform provide easy-to-implement solutions to simplify HIM workflow and the life cycle management of unstructured content within the medical record.


  • Express Scanning: Enables staff in decentralized locations to simply click a button to select a document type and descriptor that is associated with each item scanned into OnBase. This simplifies HIM processing and speeds clinician access to the scanned item within the EMR.
  • Front Office Scanning: Allows scanning and simplified indexing of documents to specified restricted lists that are defined by location or role. This solution is frequently used in registration and in ambulatory clinics.
  • Batch Scanning: Scanned barcoded records automatically separates documents and assigns patient and document type classification. Non-barcoded documents can be scanned to existing encounters, orders or to the patient level contact serial number (CSN), medical record number (MRN) or order number.
  • Intelligent MedRecords: Utilizes optical character recognition and neural network technology to automatically index scanned or electronic documents so they can be presented for view in the electronic medical record with minimal to no manual processing.
  • Patient Portal Link: Enables patients to sign multiple required forms, such as HIPAA acknowledgement, from home with the stored documents available for access within your EMR.
  • Hyland Registration & Consent eProcessing: Streamlines on-premises throughput by enabling caregivers and patients to view documents and complete registration and consent forms using any device. To eliminate rework and ensure positive patient identity, forms are pre-populated with patient information from your EMR. All completed forms are viewable in your EMR.


  • OnBase Medical Records Management: Provides secure enterprise storage, web access and automated processing for unstructured patient records. It manages assignment, monitoring and modifying of medical records throughout the coding, analysis and physician completion process.
  • OnBase Computer-Assisted Coding: Helps to expedite the coding process by enabling scanned and transcribed documents stored in OnBase to be made available to a third-party coding system. It then notifies the system if there are any changes to documents stored in OnBase.
  • DeficiencyPop: A web application that allows physicians to complete deficiencies in medical records. Physicians can sign documents, edit transcriptions, complete forms and provide missing information.

Process & Exchange

  • Referral Management: Assists with the transfer of protected health information between referring and receiving organizations through interaction with the EMR. It also identifies missing documents such as face sheets, history and physical documents, labs, operative repots, consults, med lists, therapy notes and discharge summaries.
  • Release of Information: Facilitates the process of prioritizing and fulfilling authorized requests for patient information from initial request to final release providing for timely, accurate and compliant distribution of medical records — at a lower cost.
  • Hyland Content Connect: Enables payers to request medical records to support claims reimbursement. It also enables providers to securely share the medical records electronically to expedite processing.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Configurable software applications that are triggered manually or automatically to populate or manipulate data, capture and interpret existing applications, and communicate with other digital systems more quickly, accurately and tirelessly than humans.
  • Workview: A low-code platform used to rapidly configure OnBase content-enabled applications, minimizing the need for costly custom coding and multiple point solutions from different vendors.


  • OnBase Patient Window and Hyland Clinician Window: Unlock unstructured patient content, making it available for care team review within your EMR or a web browser.
  • Enterprise Search: Enables health systems to search across the health system (email, databases and more) and externally to efficiently find information. It is often used in HR, AP and contract management. Several uses in post-discharge processing include coding quality audits, release of information requests across facilities, clinical documentation improvement (CDI) readmission review and ensuring required elements are present within documentation.

Analyze, Audit and Govern

  • HIM Reporting Dashboards: Provide immediate visibility into HIM productivity, trends and performance.
  • Governance Rules as a Service for Healthcare (GRaas): Combines a fully researched, web- accessible retention schedule — powered by the Iron Mountain® Policy Center solution — with robust automation to apply rules directly to OnBase documents, providing a complete end-to-end retention solution.


  • Hyland Optimization Consulting Services: HIMSS certified Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) and Continuity of Care Maturity Model (CCMM) ensure your health system makes the best use of technology for improved patient outcomes. Hyland consultant evaluation, gap analysis and strategic roadmap planning position health systems to achieve the highest level of adoption and utilization for HIMSS models to Stage 7.
  • Hyland Customer Advisor Consulting Services: Provide operational assessments by experts to identify ways to optimize the use of Hyland software and/or recommend operational best practices that drive improved compliance or throughput. It is estimated that up to 75 to 80 percent of patient content may be generated in an unstructured format.

Demo: Digital forms completion

Facilitate the intake and completion of patient forms by automatically populating existing information and providing a user-friendly interface for additional data collection.

Key benefits of modernizing HIM workflows

Ensure the integrity of the legal medical record

It is estimated that up to 75 to 80 percent of patient content may be generated in an unstructured format.

This makes the task of quickly leveraging this content for clinical, administrative and business needs difficult and prone to errors and delays.

Hyland’s suite of technology solutions helps HIM staff simplify the capture, indexing, storage, management and auditing of this content. Hyland’s proven HIM solutions improve staff productivity and expedite time-to-value benefit, while integrating with your core EMR and Computer Assisted Coding system.

With the aid of this technology, HIM staff can provide more accurate and up-to-date records management to support clinical decisions across care settings, enhance research and speed reimbursement.

Automate HIM processes

The need to be agile in response to change has intensified given the recent pandemic and the rising number of medical records created by an aging population with chronic conditions. Hyland’s platform enables staff to work smarter by integrating processes and content to bring new value.

Hyland’s suite of technology solutions automates and streamlines HIM processes, such as deficiency management, release of information and referral management.

This reduces the burden on HIM, frees staff for more strategic work, cuts costs and accelerates business processes. Hyland’s Consulting Services also provide best practices to ensure technology adoption and thereby, support HIM staff in improved performance.

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Foster data governance

Maintaining governance of every patient’s medical record is an ongoing and cumbersome task. Hyland technology helps health systems safeguard patient information and govern the full life cycle of medical records from scanning, indexing, deficiency management, release of information and dashboard analysis to compliant destruction of records.

Records can automatically be purged from the system based upon regulatory requirements with steps added for HIM hold or review as desired.

Modernize HIM with Hyland