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Ensure your clinicians and staff have the information they need to deliver truly patient-centered care

Is your patient data delivering optimal clinical value?   

Disparate, disconnected pieces of data do not inform or provide insights. Data that isn’t easily accessible might as well not exist at all.

The time for digital transformation has come for healthcare. Medical images (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, GI images and video, wound photos, radiology exams, etc.) and unstructured content (clinical documents, consents, insurance forms, etc.) make up the vast majority of patient information – and it all lives outside of your primary EMR. 

You need technology that aggregates these various types of content stored in multiple systems throughout your enterprise. And you need that technology to present it in a single, customizable view that may be accessed from within the core health information systems your users rely on every day. Hyland Healthcare can help.

Hyland Healthcare

Healthcare Content Services from Hyland

Hyland Healthcare provides a Healthcare Content Services framework that allows all unstructured patient content to be securely captured, accessed and managed through core clinical and administrative systems. Our unparalleled suite of enterprise content management and enterprise medical imaging solutions address the clinical, financial and operational needs of healthcare delivery organizations around the world – from hospitals and post-acute care facilities to home health – unlocking, controlling and providing access to this important data.

Hyland's Healthcare Content Services:

  • Empower health providers to focus on their patients, payers to better serve members and administrators to streamline operations
  • Inform critical decision-making by securely delivering patient content from every corner of the extended enterprise when and where it’s needed
  • Simplify information access and insight, allowing clinical and business leaders to harness all the ways they can positively impact patient wellness

Unlike other vendors who only address certain content types, Hyland’s Healthcare Content Services platform allows HDOs to consolidate and manage patient content in any format (e.g., documents, photos, DICOM/non-DICOM medical images, legacy data, etc.) to drive clinical and administrative processes – including  patient financial processes and revenue cycle management

Proven solutions for digital transformation in healthcare

With solutions that deliver native business process and case management capabilities to automate even the most complicated workflows, Hyland Healthcare empowers HDOs by offering their clinicians and staff a more comprehensive view of information, expediting more informed decisions and supporting operational excellence from the ER to HR.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing HIT, our Healthcare Content Services provide you with the flexibility to implement departmentally and scale to the enterprise, offering you the ability to design a digital transformation roadmap that puts you on a path to better discover, manage, access, exchange and optimize disparate healthcare content. 

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