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How enterprise content services address 8 roadblocks to exceptional citizen engagement

Providing citizens with meaningful and effective engagement opportunities is a critical aspect of government operations; if done right, it can allow the public to demonstrate its support for initiatives and get involved with programs and policies.

Citizen engagement is a high priority for mission-focused government agencies. But even in today’s digital-first landscape, too many organizations still rely on outdated practices for citizen service. Paper forms, long lines and busy signals are out; personalized service available anytime, anywhere is in.

Here are eight ideas for modernizing legacy approaches and enhancing citizen experience — and the digital tools that enable the transformation.

What's out

What's in

Paper forms

Automated data capture
Eliminate the time, resources and headaches involved in outdated paper-based processes with automated data capture.

Long wait times

Omnichannel experiences
With self-service capabilities, citizens can submit applications and forms via their preferred method — mobile device, laptop, tablet, phone call or in person.

Disparate systems

Single portal for multiple services
An integrated portal can implement electronic forms, workflows and self-service tools on a web portal for a citizen and user-centric experience.

Far-future appointments

24/7/365 availability
With mobile access, your citizens have the convenience of completing requests or applications on their mobile devices, from anywhere at any time.

Long queues to address errors

Fast, accurate answers
Robotic process automation (RPA) is key to automating time-intensive manual tasks, expediting decision-making and removing human error.

IT mastery for tool deployments

Intuitive solutions that scale
Low-code/no-code application-level development enables your team to deploy point-and-click configurable solutions with checkboxes, radio buttons and drop-down menus — without requiring IT expertise.

Unsatisfactory service

Personalized citizen communication
A customer communications management (CCM) tool makes it easy to create, personalize and automate citizen communications on demand, providing high-quality service that’s on par with private-sector organizations.

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