November 02, 2022

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How Vntana helps you easily share 3D models

Hyland and Vntana have partnered to improve the 3D collaboration experiences of internal stakeholders, B2B partners and consumers.

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Michael Vachette

Global sales engineer

Person uses a digital pad and stylus pen to digitally draw on a laptop.

It really does not help that 3D design is a jungle of proprietary tools and file formats.

Fortunately, the introduction and industry adoption of Khronos Group’s open glTF format provided a solid foundation for the democratization of 3D, enabling it for something as ubiquitous as a web browser.

Introduce this format into your workflow and you are good to go, right?

Sadly, that would be too easy. Why? 3D assets are big, take time to load, might consume all your device RAM and can even make your web browser crash! Hardly the ultimate user experience.

New! A 3D sharing solution in partnership with Vntana

Vntana, an industry leader in making 3D fast and scalable for e-commerce, and Hyland's Nuxeo Platform for product asset management (PAM), a part of the Hyland DAM and content services product-suite, have partnered to introduce a connector that improves the 3D collaboration experiences of internal stakeholders, B2B partners and consumers.

Why Vntana and Nuxeo Platform?

Vntana’s technology automatically compresses 3D models while retaining enough details to deliver accurate renditions. This helps Vntana deliver an immersive experience by presenting an augmented reality deployable across the web, social media sites and the metaverse. Even better, the compressed models still use the glTF format!

The Nuxeo Platform PAM solution makes the digital product creation workflow more efficient and collaborative by bringing the stakeholders into a central content hub.

Leveraging Vntana’s technology in the Nuxeo Platform greatly improves the user experience by:

  • Dramatically reducing 3D models’ loading time
  • Making browsing, as well as processes like review and approval, even smoother

Screenshot of coat displayed with Vntana-Nuxeo Connector for Nuxeo