March 10, 2022

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Q3 releases: Discover what you have to look forward to in your Hyland solutions

In the IT world, selecting and deploying the right software is just the beginning of a successful strategy. A “set it and forget it” mentality just doesn’t cut it in today’s digital age.

Wes Keller

Wes Keller

Solution Marketing Manager

In the IT world, selecting and deploying the right software is just the beginning of a successful strategy. A “set it and forget it” mentality just doesn’t cut it in today’s digital age. This is especially true for the solutions used to manage and maximize your organization’s second-most-important resource (your employees obviously being the most important): Content and information.

That’s why Hyland is so dedicated to ensuring we make the most out of every update to our content services offerings — so you get the most out of your investment. As we finish the third quarter of 2021, we wanted to share highlights from the latest releases across our content services platforms that show our commitment to continuous improvement to user experiences, integrations and solutions for all our customers.

Here’s a high-level look at some of the new features and enhancements this quarter:

Enhanced Salesforce integrations

OnBase and Alfresco both benefit from a deeper integration with Salesforce, helping to drive seamless collaboration and increased productivity.

OnBase users can both participate in and drive content platform processes directly from Salesforce, plus with the option to view and capture OnBase documents from the Salesforce Mobile App.

Alfresco users can also now securely share content stored in the platform with members across Salesforce Communities, both within and outside an organization’s four walls. 

OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign

Thanks to a new, direct integration with Adobe Sign, you can now add esignature capabilities to existing OnBase processes. The demand for digital signing experiences only continues to rise, and with this integration, you can meet that need while reducing legal and compliance risks around the signing process.

Your organization can increase efficiency by removing the disruption of a manual signature or separate esignature process from an OnBase workflow.

Epic Hyperdrive for OnBase

Hyperdrive is Epic’s new web-based platform that renders content and integrations with operating systems and software.

The Epic Hyperdrive for OnBase Integration enables unstructured content that may have been scanned from paper and stored in OnBase to be viewed within EMR workflows. It also enables physicians to complete any missing signatures needed for patient record completion to resolve deficiencies. The ability to view, scan and sign deficiencies for unstructured content within Epic workflow improves efficiency and informs decision-making for better outcomes.

Intelligent MedRecords Validated

Free up HIM staff for other high-value work and expedite the classification of newly received scanned and faxed medical records with Intelligent MedRecords Validated. Using machine learning, the system automatically classifies patient documents and sends them on to our HIM experts to ensure all data is checked for accuracy and quality. The indexed medical records are automatically integrated for use within your EMR, so clinicians have timely information for clinical decisions.

Additional intelligent automation capabilities

Updates made to Nuxeo Insight provide DAM librarians and application managers with the ability to build their own business-specific machine learning models through a wizard-like interface. Additionally, subject matter experts across your organization can now help with the verification of AI-driven tagging through an intuitive and easy-to access interface.

A commitment to continued innovation

At Hyland, we know that continued innovation from your solution vendors is not only nice to have, it’s critical to business success. Our customers are our partners, and that’s why we do everything we can to bring bigger, better ideas for digital transformation with each release.

We don’t want you to just keep up with your competitors, we want you to set the pace.

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