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Product knowledge management for sales and support teams

Sales and customer support teams are a key source of information for consumers during and after purchase.

Content-hungry processes don’t stop when products hit store shelves or e-commerce sites. Customers expect more information about products than ever — and have high expectations for the teams who respond to their inquiries.

Legacy systems make it difficult or impossible to connect these downstream teams to the upstream parts of the process that are relevant to consumers.

Companies with outdated product knowledge systems and workflows will experience some of these frustrations:

  1. Disconnected resources: Support teams rely on out-of-date information about materials and composition, measurements and other old product data with no reliable way to determine which information is current.
  2. Long training periods: Experienced sales and support personnel may be able to fulfill customer requests for information, but new team members take months or years to become fully skilled at navigating to the correct information.
  3. Ad-hoc data collection: Sales and support representatives use Google and other unauthorized search tools to fulfill customer requests for information, because their own systems take too long to search.

Contextual, up-to-date product knowledge

Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform puts up-to-date knowledge at your support teams’ fingertips without forcing them to rely on disconnected searches that are highly dependent on the skill and expertise of the representative.

With the Hyland Nuxeo Platform, sales and support can easily find relevant information regarding product asset management.

When your teams look at a product while responding to a support request, Hyland’s Nuxeo platform can automatically display information from many different systems that don’t otherwise “talk to one another.” It can also keep this information updated automatically, whenever changes are made in other systems.

With information that is always accurate and updated, support teams can feel confident in their answers — and customers feel more satisfied with their support requests.

Teams with a high impact on customer experience can access information created at multiple points in the product asset management process. This could start from the specific materials or ingredients used in a particular batch number, to the retailers who stock a particular product near a consumer’s zip code.

Where can Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform take you?

When companies connect and accelerate the product creative life cycle, products take less time to land on store shelves and customer experience improves.

Now, take that idea further: connect downstream information back to upstream teams. The next generation of product knowledge management will involve omnidirectional information exchange, amplifying the voice of the customer to create more successful products.

With Hyland’s Nuxeo Platform, support teams can more easily understand customer issues in context, allowing them to give better feedback to upstream teams involved in design and material choices for upcoming seasons.

Digital asset management (DAM) systems can offer great benefits when it comes to organizing, managing and sharing relevant digital content that is generated in your product lifecycle processes.

Incorporating a DAM system into your product asset management strategy allows for secure storage and control over versioning. DAM systems centralize all digital assets related to your content in one place – so that your team has more time to enhance other areas of product development and cultivate stronger customer relationships.

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