April 03, 2022

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Listen now: How to create a culture of learning

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Clare Cottrill

Clare Cottrill

Content strategist on the Corporate Communications team

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Listen to the podcast now: Building An Army of Digital Citizens with PwC’s Suneet Dua

They say true wisdom is knowing what you don’t know. Or, maybe, it’s acknowledging what you don’t know, and then doing something about it.

For PricewaterhouseCoopers, that meant creating a culture of learning for 280,000 employees worldwide.

The 170-year-old company has long offered tech solutions to its clients and has transformed its own business with digital tools, but was struggling with old and broken systems and processes within its own enterprise. Suneet Dua, chief product officer, discovered that the problem in an otherwise efficient system was the lack of digital acumen and support among PwC’s employees — whom he calls “citizens.”

Utilize the tech — and people — you’ve already invested in

For Dua and PwC, the answer to the question of how to educate their workforce was to use the very digital tools the company offered to clients to create a “citizen-led skills journey.” This involved discovering where skills gaps existed, developing a skills app, creating digital accelerator jobs and starting a digital laboratory with more than 750 automations for PwC.

Our results have been phenomenal, our outcomes quantitative. If you can change the culture at scale, you have a firm that can’t be stopped.

— Suneet Dua, chief product officer, PricewaterhouseCoopers

There’s a lot to learn from Dua’s upskilling quest, which has become an X factor not only for PwC’s employee experience, but for the company’s customer experience.

At Hyland, we’re always interested in the “how” of effective leaders and their organizations. It helps us learn more about how to be the X factor in our customers’ success stories. Because there’s more than one path on the digital transformation journey.

Interested in learning more about how to improve your workforce’s digital skills? Listen to the podcast “Building an army of digital citizens with PwC’s Suneet Dua.”

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