December 21, 2022

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Introducing “Business X factors,” a great new tech podcast series!

With time our most precious commodity, ‘How’ equates to the secret sauce; the X factor for success. And we have little time to figure it out.

Ed McQuiston

Ed McQuiston

Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer

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As an executive at Hyland, I am faced with the same challenge as my peers at any company: How?

Leading an organization today — be it big or small — tests all our skills to assess, decode, process and pivot around a deluge of information that is growing in volume and speed. The speed required to lead companies to success today is like nothing in human history.

For many of us, we look to those doing it most successfully and simply ask, ‘How?’

  • How did Pricewaterhouse Coopers call on 170 years of transformation to upscale its workforce, allowing employees the freedom to change its business?
  • How has Intel maintained its pace of innovation to stay ahead of the pack in a wildly competitive industry?
  • How did Shutterstock innovate its infrastructure to accommodate and nurture a stable of content creators that’s now grown to 1.6 million?

With time our most precious commodity, ‘How’ equates to the secret sauce; the X factor for success. And we have little time to figure it out.

Which is why we are launching this podcast.

Discover the Secrets, Get the Edge

Business X factors is a new weekly podcast produced by and sponsored by Hyland. Join host Jeremy Bergeron as he sits down with founders, CEOs, CTOs, COOs and innovators who are changing the way we do business. The podcast takes you behind the curtains of some of the most successful companies in the world.

You’ll get an insider’s look at how they built — and maintain — their dominance. It’s a great way for executives to showcase their companies’ X factors, such as their ability to adapt, evolve and thrive in a constantly and rapidly changing environment. With a background in growth strategies, as well as partner operations and SMB partnership development at Google, Bergeron has a keen eye for identifying what’s coming next in the digital world.

Each episode uncovers the tools, tech and culture that give these organizations the edge. Tune in to find out how these innovators are utilizing robotic process automation, intelligent automation and low code to continuously streamline processes and improve the customer experience.

“I’m honored to host a new series that is going to look at the secret sauce that turns companies into giants,” said Bergeron. “We will be looking at how these companies are run, the people that make it happen, the culture, the processes and how they use transformative technology to gain a leading edge to become giants and thrive in the fourth Industrial Revolution.”

The doors are open. The secrets are out. Are you ready to find your X factor?

New episodes drop every Thursday. Check out the podcast and subscribe today!