January 27, 2022

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How Hyland promotes an award-winning culture of wellness

Among the many impacts of the pandemic is a change in how we view what’s most important to us.

Photo of Ann Marie Hutchins

Ann Marie Hutchins

Wellness Program Manager

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You’ve heard about the Great Resignation. A Korn Ferry survey of 700 professionals found that almost one-third said they were thinking of leaving their job — despite not having another one lined up.

The future of work, the management consulting firm said, “calls for a much more human approach.”

At Hyland, our employees are our family. It’s one of our core values.

We maintain a respectful and inclusive environment, and we do what we can to help our colleagues achieve their maximum potential.

Awards reflect employee-centric commitment

Our family-first approach includes a focus on employee wellness. Enhancing the emotional, physical and financial health of our employees is crucial — especially during a time in which so many are struggling.

We’re the proud recipient of two recent awards that highlight the work we’ve done to help our employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Hyland was recognized by the Health Action Council as a winner of the organization’sThe award — Hyland received a platinum designation, which is the highest honor given by the Health Action Council — recognizes Ohio-based employers who demonstrate “a commitment to their employees’ health by providing comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs.”

  • We were also thrilled to be included among the The program highlights organizations that “promote a culture of wellness” and help “make their business and the community a healthier place to live and work.”

We believe the honors reflect a culture that prioritizes employee well-being. These are efforts that have been evident at Hyland for decades, but the pandemic and a growing, global workforce have resulted in a vast expansion of the steps we take to promote and improve wellness.

Catering to a global workforce

Transitioning many of our wellness offerings to a virtual setting has made the programs available to all of our 4,000+ employees — a group that spans five continents.

Expanding wellness offerings is a way for employers to differentiate themselves and, more importantly, promote a holistic well-being program that focuses on the mind and body.

Our new global employee assistance program gives workers access to confidential emotional support, as well as financial resources, legal guidance and work-life solutions that range from finding child and pet care to hiring movers and contractors.

Hyland’s wellness offerings cover areas that are critical to health — elements that have been magnified by a pandemic that has forever changed how we work and the value we derive from that work.

Mental and emotional well-being

In addition to the employee assistance program, we offer:

  • Behavioral health group sessions that meet twice a month

  • Access to a family sleep consultant

  • Daily group meditation practices

  • Safe space conversations that allow employees to share concerns and voice opinions

  • Small circle conversations in which participants talk openly about race

  • Well-being webinars

Physical health and wellness reimbursements

Our wellness reimbursement program empowers employees to prioritize lifestyle investments that are meaningful to them, so they can navigate their own rewarding paths to wellness. Employees can be reimbursed up to a certain amount for gym memberships, fitness classes and personal training; fitness app subscriptions and premium app subscriptions; fitness and activity trackers such as smart watches; entrance fees for races and activity competitions; home fitness equipment and sports league fees.

The expansive program also provides reimbursements for such services as personalized health coaching, consultations with a nutritionist, subscriptions to meditation and mindfulness apps, life coaching and relationship workshops, and financial seminars.

Other employee perks include:

  • On-site fitness centers at three offices

  • Virtual fitness classes that are open to all employees

  • Access to discounted fitness programs

  • The chance to compete with colleagues in activity challenges

  • Wellness credits that reduce the cost of employees’ health benefits

  • A full-service family care practice at our headquarters in Westlake, Ohio

Financial health

Hyland has a student loan resource portal through Tuition.io that offers best practices for paying off student loan debt and can assist in finding competitive interest rates. We have quarterly raffles in which the winner receives $500 toward their student loans.

Hyland also has a financial well-being program with Your Money Line that includes educational tools for the present and future (retirement, anyone?). Our goal is to help employees maintain financial stability, because we understand how this can impact their overall health.


The comforts of working from home — sweatpants! — can also produce some less-than-healthy habits.

At Hyland, we offer access to dietitian services, nutrition education sessions and a nutrition-based book club. We also have an intuitive eating program that helps participants find peace with food and begin to enjoy living instead of dieting.

Meeting employee needs

The pandemic has changed everything.

How employers adapt is pivotal, and it’s especially important when it comes to supporting a healthy, engaged workforce.

Hyland is a content services leader, and we need the best team members to stay on top. Prioritizing the well-being of our employees isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s imperative to great business. We encourage and support the health of our co-workers so we can help them thrive in their career and their personal lives.

Have you been looking for a better work-life balance? We’re hiring.